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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  February 24, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ ♪ >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, february 24th,
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i'm alisyn camerota and we begin with a fox news alert. and a daytona, injuries dozens and others to the hospitals. rick is live with us. >> and mayor michael bloomberg taking the nanny state, and targets police deliveries and kids birthday parties. >> and return your bottle and get ten cents. remember this seinfeld episode? >> mi 10 cents. >> michigan, michigan you get 10 cents. >> clayton: it was a brilliant scheme, newman, michigan lawmakers want to crack down on the bottle refund, claiming smugglers are scamming the state and pulling a cramer. "fox & friends" begins right now. good morning. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, we
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start with this shocking news, fox news alert there was a fiery wreck at the nascar race, leaving cars mangled and a fan-- >> contact. and a turn around. tony stewart is going to win it this race and a terrible crash coming to the finish. >> take a look at this damage on the final lap during nation's nationwide series race, 12 cars involved in that rec and sent debris and the front half of driver kyle larson's car through the fence. >> clayton: rick was there a few hundred feet from the crash. you were in the center area when this all unfolded. >> exactly, we're here at victory lane right now and you can see it right across the track, and chris the camera guy will zoom in exactly where
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the cash went through the fence and the fence is repaired already, did quick work. but carl larson's car hit where there's like an exit way, and it was a weaker part of the fence and that's where the car was airborne and the engine from the car dismantling and landed on the other side of the fence one of the wheels of the car, not just the tire, but the brake and everything catapulted up, 33 injuries. i was on the other side of the track, and the grandstand and the inside and i was watching the race on a big screen to get a better view of it and saw the crash about to happen and turned around at my back and heard what sounded like a bomb and all of the debris flying through the air. 33 people at this point is the number of people injured. and 14 of those we're hearing according to the nascar rep to
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the hospital two in critical condition, but at least everybody in stable condition and that's the good news. but a frightening scene for all of the viewers and spectators right there at the crash, in the crash site. take a listen to what one of the fans had to say. >> a motor was sitting in the stands and a while, and i don't mean a tire i mean, a wheel with a brake drum on it and everything flying over your head and debris everywhere and smoke and people crying. >> rick: a very, very scary time for everybody and nascar officials say everything is ready and the race is going off on time. and 200,000 people ready and are fans and ready for this race. at 6:30, guys, talking with larry mcreynolds one of the fox nascar analysts and we're going to be talking with him what impact this has on the race and does this do something to get in the mind of the drivers when you have a crash like this happen right on the eve of the 500?
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guys? >> that's a great question. tony stewart says we're excited about the race, but now a smoke cloud headed into it, thanks, buddy, check with you later. >> alisyn: thanks, rick. and the headlines now, a lot of news to tell you about, another fox news alert. and we have a live report from the vatican, pope benedict is giving hits final sunday blessing and hundreds of thousands in the square, and his last public appearance as pope and final appearance on wednesday and steps down on thursday, the first pope to resign in 600 years, just as oscar pistorius is dealing with murder charges we're learning that his brother is in the same situation. overnight details emerging that carl pistorius is facing homicide charges over a 2010 car crash. he allegedly hit and killed a female cyclist driving
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recklessly. and the attorney says that the woman allegedly drove into his car. and the subject they're searching for after the deadly drive-by shooting on the las vegas rip. 26-year-old amar harris. the black range rover was found at an apartment complex near the strip. that s.u.v. rode up to a maserati. and that exploded killing three people. in dallas the monorail gets stuck 20 feet above ground and took about half an hour for them to rescue 100 poom from t the-- people from the rail. >> clayton: thanks. >> tucker: five days until the sequester kicks in, the mandatory spending cuts that president obama ap the white house staff came up with last year, and senator lindsey graham says the president should not trust the president
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to make the cuts. if they are allowed to do that. here is senator lindsey graham explaining. >> this idea that republicans have let it go into effect and watch the president fix it is really not leadership. don't you think that's what's wrong with washington? i thought we were the party of fiscal responsibility. the republican house passed a t and our democratic friend are going to raise taxes which is a bad idea, i think at that republican senators should put a plan on the table, rather than turning the government over to barack obama to find the cuts and just watch him do whatever he'd like, i don't like that proposal at all. >> love it or hate it, the president put entitlement cuts to others, but republicans have the not put forward a plan. >>, but the republicans in the house did. >> sure, but to the senate, to his point they don't need to be the party that sort of sits back and this is sort of what bobby jindal was talking about, not being the party that sits back and waits for everyone to unfold and says
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no, says no. put forward a plan and get it through. >> alisyn: isn't there a question about the sequester, if this happened. if this doomsday scenario happens and nobody wants it to happen, but this is so mind blowing that washington found itself in this position because nobody wants it, everybody agrees on that. >> yeah. yet, they can't get out of their own way to figure out how it could not happen. if it does happen. isn't the answer to let the people in the individual agencies figure out where to trim and the latitude to do that? >> no, because individual agencies obviously don't want any of their budget cut. so the classic gambit is the washington monument strategy. the park gets a cut and they close the monument or yellowstone. >> clayton: the government shut down. >> tucker: and i would say that the president does want sequestration. and makes his case. every employee is essential to
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federal government. you cut 2% from the government, meat inspections stop, you can't get on an airplane, day care closes, no more kindergarten teachers, first responders out of work. it's ludicrous could you cut 2 or 4% out of your household budget. >> alisyn: easily. my latte. and we have to do that, we do our-- >> your people magazine be subscription, exactly. and look, if you look the at the way the government has-- people have not cut the size of government since the 1950's, neither party has, so government spending under president obama has individually, we all put forward our own amount of money if ali wants to cut her people magazine subscription, and latte subscription, this is how much we personally are paying every year per captive, gone up since 2008, 822.90 per
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hour hold 2,437 more dollars that your household is spending on federal spending, government spending, because they can't, it never goes down, it just goes up. >> tucker: i think a good point. why shouldn't the republican house leadership convince the country of the cuts it wants? come out with a list, here is 2.4% over ten years, here is exactly where the money should come from. john boehner should old a press conversations, eric cantor the same thing, and make the president turn down their points. >> clayton: they're all bought into it, because the propose proposed is, 174 republicans signed it and agreed to it and then the president signed it once they sent it to them. they're all in on this whole thing. it's not like someone is off scott free. >> tucker: why should the cuts be discrim nat and wait three lines to get on the airplane or cut the meat suspecters. >> alisyn: be strategic about it. >> tucker: why should
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republicans not take control and sit back, let it happen. >> alisyn: meanwhile, you don't know this, perhaps, but we are with a resident seinfeld expert. clayton morris has an expertise that happens on seinfeld. one of your favorites. >> clayton: the one involved a scheme that newman and cramer hatched to gather up as many cans and bottles as they could in new york city, take newman's postal truck and they could save then on transportation, and drive the bottles and cans to michigan where they pay higher for the recycle rate. >> alisyn: ten cents per bottle. >> clayton: and this ended up being a funny episode. take a look. >> and mi 10 cents. >> that's michigan, michigan you get 10 cents. >> 10 cents? >> yeah, wait a minute, 5 cents here and 10 cents there, you could round up bottles here and-- >> that doesn't work. >> you overload your inventory and blow your margins on
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gasoline, it doesn't work. >> you're not talking that michigan deposit bottle scam. >> no, no, i'm off that. >> you are. >> oh, yeah, everywhich way, couldn't crunch the numbers, drove me crazy. >> alisyn: life is now imitating art. or that was art imitating life, i don't know, this is happening in michigan people from other states are driving in their bottles to collect and it's bankrupting michigan. >> tucker: well, basically eastern michigan is bankrupt anyway, this is what you get passing a dumb law like this, aluminum and glass, are valuable for licensing, and you don't need a law, i don't know why the government is artificially inflating that. >> clayton: coming across the state line, it's illegal to bring it out of state. >> tucker: how can they trace it. >> clayton: that's what i want it it know. >> tucker: the law is to get you to recycle. >> alisyn: just for their state.
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and not in wisconsin and ohio and people are loading up their vans ala newman and costs thursday far like 13 million dollars is leaving michigan and trying to figure out how to crock down. it's good for environment. it it may not. in washington it costs more energy to recycle than it saves. >> clayton: if you're driving a postal truck across state lines it costs more. coming up on the show remember when president obama said this about his health care plan. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> clayton: a new report says differently. a man just confronted one of the lawmakers that helped to push obamacare through, that's next. >> tucker: why new york city's mayor michael bloomberg has taken the nanny state indeed to your house, and his birthday party, that's coming up.
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>> remember the stream of promises the president gave right before signing the affordable care act? >> so, if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> oh, well, maybe not. new data from the congressional budget office estimates that more than 7 million americans will lose that employer-based insurance thanks to obamacare. our next guest confronted one of the lawmakers who pushed that bill through the house. >> are you concerned with the latest cbo report and saying that at least 7 million people may lose their health insurance because of obamacare? >> well, i'm concerned for anybody, if anybody is projected to lose their health insurance, but we have to see.
3:19 am
we have to see how it plays out. it started the affordable care act, what we don't like we can change. >> tucker: and the senior investigative reporter from fox network joins us, jason, this was the core promise of health care, there's not going to be rationing and keep your health insurance, that's not true. >> no, shocker, it's not true. obamacare health care promises have a chef life, apparently and a short one. we just heard engle out of new york say, well, i think we have to wait and see, what we don't like we can channing. i don't know, tucker, do you remember that option, what we don't like we can change? i remember the option of obamacare spoken in exact terms, if you like your health care insurance you'd be able to keep it and we're not even three years into the law yet and already, the cbo is projecting that at least 7 million people would lose their health insurance as a
3:20 am
direct result of obamacare, so, where is the accountability? there seems to be none. >> because in the end, you can't change math no matter how many laws. and make it too expensive for health insurance companies to cover people, they won't. >> this is just the beginning, premiums have gone up, especially for young people who buy health care individually and double digits, and the promise was that our health care premiums would decrease by $2500. we have large employers like universal studios who are actually getting rid of their part-time coverage for their employees altogether, because as you noted, it's now too expensive because of the mandates given by washington. and the one that's recently come out is employers are no longer going to cover spouses because of the mandate to cover kids up to the age of 26, so, now, your child, who
3:21 am
is 26, can be covered, but your wife probably won't be by your employer. this is all thanks to the president's affordable health care law which seems not to be affordable in the least. >> one. reasons i'm grateful that you're keeping track of this, is that so few other people do. the promises go out into the atmosphere and float away and no one remembers them. am i imagining this or didn't the president also promise that obamacare would other the overall cost the health care for the country? >> and it's escalated dramatically and the exhaust is, well, it hasn't grown by the margin it has in the past and again, that wasn't the promise. we need to have more people, as we know in the media, who are really just asking these basic questions, are you concerned that all of these promises have failed to materialize, instead the media is more interested in whether or not they can get a, you know, a photograph of obama playing golf with tiger woods, but thankfully, we have people at least asking the questions
3:22 am
and i know your site, the daler caller does it all the time and it's unfortunate because americans are going to get shell shocked by the price of obamacare and they already are. once it's fully implemented it's scary that it hasn't been fully implemented and prices are through the roof and these promises have fallen flat. >> tucker: jason mattera from washington, i appreciate it. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: and from china hacking their way into corporate america, how can you protect yourself from cyber attack if conditions can't. steps forgo up. and if you're opening up the bottles of water, they may have gasoline. ♪ better watch yourself baby, watch yourself ♪ . [ dad ] find ?
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>> time for some quick headlines for you. overnight militants launch a series of attacks in eastern afghanistan. one was on the headquarters in jalalabad. a car packed with explosives went off in front of the gates killing two guards. and mourning of loss of temptations singer, otis damon. ♪ >> harris sang lead vocals on the hit song papa was a rolling stone and "take a look around", he lost his 14 year battle with prostate cancer on monday, he was 62 years old. meanwhile, the chinese military was suspected of hacking into u.s. corporations hundreds of times and stealing secrets. so if those companies can't protect themselves, how can you?
3:27 am
and a cyber security analyst cbo connected to the case, he joins us now, hi, morgan. >> hi, alisyn. >> alisyn: that's a great question. obviously, the chinese are using, i assume, some sort of sophisticated technology to hack into the department of defense or to try to. and various corporations, computer systems, but can we assume that lower level criminals are taking a page from them? >> well, actually, alisyn, let's back up. they're actually not using sophisticated systems, what they're using curiosity, social engineering. the big s method of intrusion and the way that they're compromising system is getting you to click on an attachment on an e-mail you think you have a personal interest in. that's where the foot hold starts because the code to infect your computer comes out of that pdf or that document file or attachment. >> alisyn: good to know. talk about we, even us who are not technically sophisticated the at all can protect
3:28 am
ourselves. >> yes he. >> alisyn: we have five tips we should do as soon as possible to protect our own computers and, obviously, personal security. number one, encrypt your network, what does that mean? >> well, a lot of people at home now have wireless networks, wireless routers and a lot of these are unsecured or they don't use very strong pass words, one of the other tips. always encrypt your networks, iphone, laptops, desk tops not only for your own safety, but documented case of people, especially when you live in big apartment building, people using your networks to commit crimes, protect yourself or against other people by encrypting your wireless network. >> you brought up pass words. >> generate strong pass words, what does that mean? >> a lot of people will use like a dog's name, date of birth, reversed, but you know, in this day and age, you've got to-- there are so many sophisticated, use pass phrases, my favorite show on
3:29 am
sunday morning is fox and friends. >> alisyn: i like it, but too long to type in, but we're lazy, don't you just want to do the 12345. >> yeah, alisyn, five seconds of typing in a longer password, 50 hours of identity theft and dealing with having your life turned upside down because somebody stole your credit card, social security, bank account information, and it takes longer, take five seconds to protect yourself against a wide range of threats. >> one that annoys me, pop-up, the anti-virus programs, update now, update now, and do that right away. >> alisyn, there is an easier way, many of these will do it in the background and download behind the scenes and set it up for automatically downloading all the time. if you wait two to three weeks, that's the new virus or exploit that allows somebody to get into the system. find the setting, let it
3:30 am
update in the background and most the time you'll be protected against 95 to 98% of all the threats out there. >> that's good it to know and turn on personal firewall. how do i do that? >> hey, you know, you've got clayton morris sitting there, your chief geek and there is he' a lot of settings there, simply go into the help file and say personal firewall, a lot of it is the operating system and software. that's good when you're travelling or going down to the local coffee house or a place that has free wi-fi and turn on that personal firewall, an extra layer of defense between you and somebody who is looking to access your information. >> last, you say use identity protection program. what does that mean? >> you know, i have to tell you, as many steps as i take to protect myself my credit card a while back somebody over the last six months physically duplicated the card and used it down in miami while is were in north carolina. you've got to maintain and have the alerts, many programs out there that let you know when somebody's opening up an
3:31 am
account. attempting to access your banking information. attempting to withdraw money that you did not. so, i don't want to mention any brand names, but do a search out there. that's the way you can proactively protect against people accessing your personal information, especially your identity. once you lose that identity and that's out in the ethernet. it's very difficult to get it back. >> alisyn: you're so right. and credit cards are better about calling you when they suspect sort of a flurry of activity. >> very quick. >> alisyn: i have to admit, that's me. thanks so much for the great tips and i'm going to do them today. >> you bet, alisyn. >> alisyn: thanks, up next on the rundown, dozens of fans are hurt after a fiery crash. how will it impact today's daytona 500, we head back out after the break. fraud alert. thousands of professional athletes taking from workers' comp when some have just played one game. ♪
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>> welcome back, dozens injured and debris flying into the stands at daytona international speedway yesterday hours before the kickoff of daytona 500. rick reichmuth is live from
3:36 am
daytona with a guest on the aftermath of that and how we can look forward to today's race, hey, rick. >> rick: hey, guys, yeah, today is the big day, the 500. and you're a sports analyst for nascar and a former crew chief and now a thing or two literally about the race here. and seeing that crash yesterday has got to have some impact on today. and tell me when you see that, what's going through the driver's minds today as they're getting ready for this. does that haunts them or scares them? >> i don't know if it haunts them or scares them, the fans injured will be on the driver's minds and everyone's minds. these drivers they have a strange dna. when they buckle in the race cars and crank the engines to start this 500, it's pretty much the task at hand they've got for the 500 mile race and trying to get here to victory lane. of course, all day long and even beyond, those fans and their families will be on our prayers and on our minds. >> rick: it seems like we're getting used to the end ever big races especially here at
3:37 am
daytona speedway there ends up being a crash. an aggressive sport and something at the end. do you think we could see something like that today. >> the numbers say we'll see a late race caution. i think eight out of the last nine daytona 500's a caution in the last ten laps and at that point, everybody says, af he got another shot at winning this daytona 500 and at that point, it's not about a good points day, it's about trying to win the biggest race of the year and make it here to victory lane. >> prior to the crash yesterday, the big story here was danica patrick riding the pole position. talk a little about her chance and what it does for the sport? >> well, it's huge. not only the national attention, but the worldwide attention that's been brought to our sport since she sat on the pole a week ago, and you know, it would be big if she sat on the pole for any of our races, but to do it the biggest race of the year, daytona 500, she's got a fast car and i think her agenda today different from the qualifying race on thursday,
3:38 am
thursday was protecting that race car and still being able to use it in the daytona 500. i think the agenda will change and here to competitive and she truly wants be the first free mail to lead a lap of the daytona 500, which could be possible lap number one. >> she led a few laps yesterday and the engine blew. did it hurt her she didn't have more time in the race yesterday? >> no, i think we underestimate her experience here. and today the 9th start in the different series in the daytona 500. and when she ran right at the front and in the big pack and wrecked by the teammate, but i think she has plenty of experience and the bottom line is she has a fast race car, which is a big key to winning here and performing well. >> and a great team. thank you for joining us this morning and obviously, everybody's hearts are with all of the fans there, but you'll be on the race today on nascar and fox, thanks for getting up early for us, not easy to do. we'll send it back to you in new york.
3:39 am
>> thank, we'll be checking in throughout the morning live in daytona after the race is set to unveil today. first, we have some headlines. i think he we might. >> alisyn: okay, let's do them then. i'm going to read your headlines. linebacker manti te'o facing the media at the combine. >> clayton: combine. >> alisyn: in indianapolis. most of the questions asked not surprisingly were not about football, they were about the hoax involving the notre dame star's girlfriend that never existed. te'o stayed calm when answering and hopes it put the past behind him. >> i learned the difference between the things i can control and can't control and understand when people have questions, but i think i've answered everything i could and for me, i'd really like to talk about football. >> alisyn: well, the nfl draft starts a month from tomorrow where te'o is expected to be a first round pick. a bottle water company warning some of the bottles will be
3:40 am
contaminated with gasoline. three and five gallon bottles of poland spring as a result of hurricane sandy, during the gas shortage people used the bottles to transport gas and bottles were recycled, tucker. >> clayton: wait a second. i've long heard you cannot reuse plastic waters for ever again. >> alisyn: isn't that the point of recycling. >> clayton: no, and i believe. >> tucker: i've been against this for years. >> alisyn: a gallon of spring water is like 1.50. a gallon of gas, 4.50. i think you could be getting a deal with the he poland spring waters. >> clayton: alisyn is on to something, pour the water into the gas station. >> tucker: can i say that poland spring is the best water by far, poland, maine.
3:41 am
>> clayton: just drink tap water. >> alisyn: that's another option. we're problem solvers here. meanwhile, you want to talk about the athlete. >> clayton: how about the professional athletes, cashing in on california's workers' comp system since the 1980's to the tune of played as little as one game in the state. among them terrell davis, denver broncos, 199,000 dollars of a settlement despite the fact that he only played in the golden state nine times in his entire career. spent more time in other parts of the country and michael irving, dallas cowboys $249,000, and won the super bowl and getting the stipends from california. >> alisyn: good to know. >> clayton: i was talking about this, maybe another problem solver for us. cover the new york post.
3:42 am
>> tucker: america's greatest newspaper. >> clayton: more bloomberg news, you know the with about the soda band, the mayor put the ban on. and it's about to hit and dirty new details about the mayor's plan which means if you order, and more problems this morning. if you get one of these in the the mail. so many people use these, like the dominoes pizza coupons. in here a meal deal. two large topping one pizza and you get a two liter bottle coke with you. not new york, you can't get these deals anymore, nor more large sized ordering of coke or anything like that for children's birthday parties or anything sent to your house with your deliveries. >> tucker: no, you can't. because it turns out that the governor's friends or the mayor's friends, rather, who are trendy, rich and thin, don't like fat people and this is part of-- >> no, it's actually, there's zero evidence that banning large sized soft drinks is going to improve anyone's
3:43 am
health. this is a class-based attack on the small, simple pleasures are working people. smoking, trans fats. sodas. michael bloomberg, one of the richest people in the world can't relate to these things and he wants prevention from doing it. >> li see it once again the law of unintended consequences and speaking of recycling. here is what's going to happen. because you can no longer get the two liter bottle of soda you used to order in from dominos or whatever pizza place for your group that was having pizza at your home. now, you each have to order an individual one. and each in its own plastic bottle or comes in its own plastic cup, a straw and plastic cup, so it's more expensive for you, and it's also worse for the earth to recycle, eight plastic bottles than one plastic bottle. >> you're both from new york and live here, why do new yorkers put up with this kind of stuff? you can't smoke a cigarette outside, can't have trans fats, you have to have
3:44 am
calories posted. now a large soda. why don't new yorkers, tough, resilient people. i'm going to have any soda you want. >> there was a blowback against in. because to me, what's ridiculous about this, one shall the personal responsibility angle. i know it's a noise, i don't want my kids drinking it, have milk and can't people-- i can go across the street and get a frappaccino and has more sugar than this so dar. >> tucker: rich people like frappaccino. i don't know, but this makes me want a large mountain dew and chug it. wng to be a revolt of new yorkers. >> alisyn: talk about living in a shoe box and paying every month. new yorkers have been robbed of their humiditity for a long time.
3:45 am
tucker. >> clayton: it's the latest. let's order a pizza and see if we can get a bottle of soda sent to us, can we do it during the show. >> alisyn: it doesn't get into effect until march 12th. >> tucker: pope benedict xvi preparing to step down. the search for a new leader. >> alisyn: could he be doing more hammer time? the rapper has been arrested. we have that story next. ♪ can't touch this ♪ ♪ can't touch this ♪ ♪ can't touch this ♪ [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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3:48 am
>> so this morning, pope benedict xvi had his last sunday blessing from the studio window before he resigns in the next month. >> clayton: what will the vatican look like as it looks for the next leader in the
3:49 am
catholic church. religion correspondent lauren green is here. >> good morning, good morning, this is the long goodbye, and you saw the blessing of the rosary here, which is what the pope left when i was in. >> show us what you have. it's a rosary and the people are at the fountains for the final blessing and people bring a lot of things to the square for him to bless. >> baby, olive oil. and rosary. this was blessed by pope benedict xvi. and that's the part of the long-term and the short-term in hoves and the resigning changed everything. >> tucker: we've read again and again, hundreds of years before the pope resigned from office. does it change the office? >> we don't know, that's the long-term effect. will people still view the papacy as infallible, is this
3:50 am
sort of divine right. all of these things are going to swirl around the papacy. we don't know those long-term effects. what we do know is that on thursday, at 8 p.m., when the pope leaves office and the papal seat is vacant and the cardin cardinal college will take care of the nuts and bolts, keep the lights on and the water running and all of this sort of basic things of the vatican and that will run. the church will now be run by the college of cardinals and that they will start meetings for the general congregation meeting. general congresses, rather. and then they will start talking about when they have a conclave because they can change the rules. right now, only the pope can change the rule. they have to wait until friday when they meet and they'll start talking about all the church rules. what needs to happen. where they're going to go. what are the actual rules of the conclave and when are we going to have it.
3:51 am
>> very quickly, when do we think that there will be a new pope? >> the idea that they want a pope in place march 24th. but they also want to have the sunday mass installation and last day they can do that is march 17th. so they're thinking the conclave around march 9th or 10th, so it's very, very close. >> you can't hold on to the rosary and-- >> it's beautiful. >> now it's worth more because i will never be able to get a rosary blessed by pope benedict xvi ever again. >> clayton: lauren, you're going to be a busy woman over the next weeks. and highre criminals or we'll sue. we report, you decide. are you a procrastinator? there's an app to mix that. of course there is, we'll meet the 16-year-old master mind who created it. 16 years old. ♪ one thing i can it will you, you've got to be free ♪
3:52 am
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>> you've got to hear this story. with almost 15,000 apps to apple, getting noticed is like winning the app lottery. a pair of boulder colorado students know it's like to be in the inner circle. and finish names to help kids and adults deal with procrastination. with us now are the 16-year-old creators, did you hear that, 16-year-old creators, ryan orback and congrats on the app. >> thanks, good morning. >> ryan, i want to start with you, you came up with the idea to stop procrastination, how did you come up with the idea. >> actually i was in 10th grade when we first came up with it about a year ago and i
3:56 am
was, you know, struggling during finals week, saw a lot of my friends struggling and i saw my parents dealing with being stressed and i just thought there had to be a better way and i initially came up with the sliding time frame concept one of the tent poles of the app. and set the idea out to michael to think about and we went from there and started development. >> clayton: crazy, i think, michael, when i was 15 and 16 years old. i think probably was concerned about girls, i don't think that's gone away. right, you know, reading comic books, playing my guitar, but you're coding and you built this app that gets featured by apple. how did you build this thing? >> yeah, it was definitely an intimidating task when ryan told me about it the first time, but i had a little bit of knowledge about like the whole programming basics, but it took us a long time to get it down and it just was a lot of experimenting and trying things and stuff didn't always work out most of the time, but after a while we started to learn the skill set and we were able to get the good
3:57 am
product. >> clayton: and what does it say for your parents, impressed not only are you trying to do chores on time you created an app to help you do chores on time. they must be thrilled. >> it's been really cool. my parents have been supportive and there's been rough patches as always, but you know, overall it's been an experience with them and everything. >> clayton: michael, we've had debates on the show getting rid of cursive in school and i've long said i don't care about cursive. i don't care about it. i think that kids need to learn at a younger age how to code and programming language. that's the future. if you have that skill at this age, the sky is the limit. are you on my side on this. >> definitely on your side about that. i think it's definitely just like developing computer skills at a young age is superimportant. it's not hard to learn how to code stuff like websites or something, something that comes in handy more and more every day and it will be really important. >> clayton: ryan not to take the momentum away from your
3:58 am
current app called "finished" are you like the next angry birds collaboration? what's next for you guys? >> we're thinking about a lot of of things and actually working right now on big exciting new features that will be coming out later this year and we're really listening very carefully to the user feedback and tons of e-mails and tons of people reaching out to us and what they think and looking forward to incorporate and feedback tentative features in the future. >> clayton: hopefully our viewers if you're interesting in stopping procrastination, download their app. they're 16 years old called "finish" on the app store. michael and ryan, congratulations to you guys. >> you bet. >> clayton: still ahead no such inning as gun control, only people control. that's what a former secret service agent said. he's here to explain. they call it slammer time. mc hammer just arrested. we've got all the details of slammer time. ♪ can't touch this ♪ . nt account.
3:59 am
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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, february 24th. a fiery crash from the track to the stands, injuring dozens of fans ahead of today's daytona 500. and our own rick reichmuth is there when it happened and he joined us live for the latest. >> stunning news on the oscar pistorius case, we know that he's being charged with murder and the lead detective has been removed because he's facing murder charges and now this, his brother charged with murder, too, wait until you hear the details. >> plus, hire criminals or we'll sue. the obama administration says it should be a crime to refuse to hire ex-convicts. good idea? he we report, you decide. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> and good morning, again, everyone. thanks for being with us.
4:03 am
>> welcome back. with you >> and yesterday. later on i'll show a couple of pictures from my recent trip to puerto rico. we want to start with the fox news alert. a fiery wreck at the nascar race, cars mangled and a fan fighting for his life. >> and turned around and tony stewart is going to win this race. and a terrible crash coming into the finish. >> that was the seen on the final lap during nationwide series race yesterday. the multi-car wreck sends debris and half the front of driver kyle larson's car including the engine through the fence. >> our own rick reichmuth a few hundred feet from the crash. set the scene for us and tell us how the mood is there this morning. >> well, tmood is pretty good and everybody is talking
4:04 am
about. daytona 500 is known as the super bowl of nascar and people are ready for this race and nascar officials feel they're ready for the race and look out exactly where the crash happened. and we'll show you exactly where the french was breached and an engine went through the fence and a wheel flew up into the stands and people 20 rows up were injured from flying debris. and the fence has been completely repaired and in fact, likely a stronger fence because that's where there's a little opening and they have the openings where the fans come out on to the track before and after the race, well, that's where the crash so curd, so it's a bit of a weaker spot in the fence and now that opening has been closed so it's a bit of a stronger enforcement, if you will, than yesterday. so they feel good about that. and no delays for the race and happy there are no fatalities, obviously, but 33 injuries from the accident and a couple of those were serious, including one to a minor and everybody is now in stable condition and nobody has any
4:05 am
life threatening injuries at this point. miraculously, no injuries or significant injuries from the driver, and kyle larson who's car that flew up into the fence, it was his rookie year and first running year in daytona having that kind of thing happening. everybody obviously concerned for the fans and listen to what one of the fans experienced as his brother was injured by the debris. >> i looked down and seen over and his blood wag coming-- his leg was bleeding. and i grabbed my belt and wrapped it around the tourniquet and cut from his, from about right here, all the way down to his knee, almost. >> and i can tell you this crash happened about a hundred, even less than a hundred yards from the finish line and a lot of the cars in the debris flew over the finish line and the winner ended up being tony stewart who narrowly escaped all of the wreckage. normally they come into victory lane and ecstatic by
4:06 am
the win. this had a little bit more of a somber occasion and take a listen how he reacted after the winning the race. >> as much as it's gratifying to win this when you have something like that happens you don't think about winning, you think about what's going on up there and i'll feel better about it when i know that everybody up there and the drivers are all right. to me, that's first and foremost on our mind. >> and nascar probably more than any other sport is all about the fans and every driver yesterday, every one of the comments that they had, they're just worried about the fans and want to make sure that they're okay and at this point, certainly happy to see that at least there are no life threatening injuries from the accident. guys. >> wow, so scary, rick. thank you for explaining that to us, and be careful. >> and be there for today's race so please be careful. >> meanwhile, a look at the headlines and tell you what else is happening. just as oscar pistorius is dealing with murder charges and we're learning his brother
4:07 am
is in the same case, carl pistorius over a 2010 car crash, and allegedly hit and killed a female cyclist, but he's telling that the woman drove into his car. his trial begins next month. a manhunt underway for this man you're about to see. and police have identified as a suspect in last week's deadly drive-by shooting on the las vegas strip. and his black range rover was found in an apartment complex nearby and it drove up to a maserati, firing shots into the car and then crashed into an oncoming taxi and exploded killing three people. rapper mc hammer singing a different tune after getting arrested last week. ♪ can't touch this ♪ >> i cannot get enough of the genie pants. the rapper was arrested in northern california for be obstructing an officer and resisting arrest. police say they approached him in a mall parking lot about an
4:08 am
expired registration and he became argumentative. he says that police asked him if he was on parole or probation and pulled him out of the car. >> and this tiger woods and elin nordegren. and at a sporting event and tiger joining the son and daughter and seemed to enjoy each other's companies and the family left when they started to attract attention, a-mid rumors he's trying to get back together. wasn't there rumors he was dating somebody else. >> tucker: there were rumors that he was playing golf with the president, but i didn't see --. >> alisyn: i didn't see that as dating. >> clayton: didn't see any photos of that. but we do have this, facts and figures on the sequester because there are only five days, set your egg timer to this, until the sequester kicks in and it doesn't seem like both sides are really coming to the table. we know that the president made a phone call, like last
4:09 am
week, to republicans. but so far, it looks like this is going full steam ahead and senator lindsey graham said some interesting things yesterday. he says, look, republicans need to come forward with their own plan to give cuts and stop this whole train. listen. >> this idea that republicans have a let it go into effect and watch the president fix it is not leadership. don't you think that's what's wrong with washington. i thought we were the party of responsibility. our democratic friends are going to raise taxes which is a bad idea. and i think that republican senators should put a plan on the table, rather than turning the government over to barack obama to find the cuts and just watch him do whatever he'd like, i don't like that proposal at all. >> kind of what rush limbaugh talked about this week, just being dispointed in general about his party, about the country and this entire process and sitting back and watching this unfold. >> he's making a pretty specific point, which is you
4:10 am
can't trust the president to cut spending, this is a president who literally, the past two weeks has framed this as a debate between those who want to keep loopholes for private jets and those who support our first responders and kindergarten teachers. it's demagoguery. the truth is any person who understands basic arithmetic, knows we have to cut spending or else we go bankrupt period and the president has shown no evidence he's-- >> i'm tired this have chicken little scenario where the sky is always falling and we get worked up in a lather and everybody is nervous because obviously, this is terrible for our country and 750,000 people who lose their jobs and at the last minute at the 11th hour, somehow congress comes together and avoids the fiscal cliff or somehow, maybe, avoids sequestration. i can't, i don't know if i'm being fooled again, and they are going to in the next five days figure out something and come together or-- i'm constantly fooled.
4:11 am
>> we have the debt ceiling twice and at midnight he we get a pass. what else have we had? >> the fiscal cliff. >> we're talking about a tiny cut to the largest and best funded organization in the history of the world. the federal government. 2.4% slowing of growth over ten years. >> yes, but the point is where the cuts will happen. because they're not strategic and across the board. things would change. the air traffic controller scenario, that-- >> bathrooms at national parks are closed. >> it would take 20 minutes to allow these cuts to be strategic-- i mean, to give discretion. >> you mean for them to come together and talk about it. >> exactly, to figure out where they come from. they don't have to be mindless and indiscriminate. this whole thing was designed to convince the public that every single federal employee is absolutely essential, that no cut is acceptable. right? that the second you cut $20 from the federal budget. >> it was also designed to be bad and something that everyone hated. that they hated it and put
4:12 am
this thing in here, there's no way we will ever allow this to happen and here we are, five days away from this. >> because washington is upside down world, where they, they considered it a victory to pass something that everybody hated. that was considered. they came together and they all got something they needed. >> and paul ryan, the vice-president candidate paul ryan. we got it in writing. >> let's bottom line why we're here in the first place, we're here in the first place because the federal spending, not everybody's imagination, not a talking point or mathematical fact. and per capital tiff, spending went up. 822.90 per person. >> clayton: this is the u.s. census. >> alisyn: the treasury department and the u.s. census, in 2008 we thought we had a spending problem. >> clayton: we've had a spending problem for decades. >> tucker: revenues have gone down during that period because we've had recession. and as growth stalled and people are making less money and sending less in to the irs
4:13 am
every year and spending has gone up. it doesn't work, you can't spend more and bring in less. any business that tries that or family that tries that goes under. >> clayton: do we have a spending problem in the country? a fox news poll asks you and many americans, an overwhelming number of americans, 83% say, yes, it does have a spending problem. 14% say, no, it doesn't. really? i'd like to see your family's finances. >> actually i hope that 14% will e-mail. >> yes, please. >> find us on twitter and explain why you don't think the federal government has a spending problem. >> alisyn: we'd love to hear from you. a former secret service agent take ago strong stance against gun control measures. >> we live in a society of wolves. you do not fight back by creating more sheep. >> alisyn: why he says there is only people control. he'll explain. >> clayton: and kate upton's curve now under full-time watch. >> alisyn: by you. >> clayton: absolutely. details on what the supermodel just did to protect her
4:14 am
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>> that's why it represented something. men and women have died horrible deaths, horrible deaths. my uncle being one of them. shot in the back in vietnam to protect your very right. we live in a society of wolves. you do not fight back by creating more sheep. >> our next guest says there's so such thing as gun control, only people control. you saw him giving a passionate speech at a rally in maryland. joining us now is secret service agent, dan, thank you for joining us. what do you mean there's no such thing as gun control, only people control. tell me what that means? >> tucker, this is part of a larger ideological ploy by this administration and they're not authentic whether it's the sequester or health
4:18 am
care or gun control issue, what they do they manipulate an emotional crisis, a national emotional crisis to further an ideological agenda which involved the eraigt ration, the slow disintegration of your civil rights, your ability to live and let live. it's a disturbing pattern that frankly is really starting to get under my skin. >> and i once reed where you said when were you in the business of protecting public figures when you went to a place of gun control, you didn't feel safer. >> right. i mean, we have this "downton abbey" of politicians and bureaucrats who they understand as clear as day, that gun control has-- which by the way is a myth that they're manipulating the language. gun control with air quotes, has no effect whatsoever on the violence or inability of the wolves in our society who impart violence on you and they feel the need to be protected by weapons and self-defense and the ability to defend themselves with their security details of which i was one, but they don't want to impart the same
4:19 am
rights upon you, the average american citizen. >> i've noticed that, seem to be developing a two tier system and privileged people, mayor bloomberg, is your ronneded by body guards with high capacity magazines and the rest of us with double-barreled shotgun. is the average person safe at home without a firearm? >> no, you're not. law breaking folks are outlaws and law breakers for a reason. they don't care about the law. the law means nothing to them. in my 17 years in law enforcement, i never ever arrested anyone or knew begin who did on a gun crime who had the gun legally. so, you have to ask yourself. what's the purpose of this legislation? to disarm law abiding american citizens, men, women, who just want to defend themselves and act within the scope of the law? you know, that constitution means something, or it should. and apparently it doesn't to this administration. >> now, there's a move, apparently, afoot to disarm
4:20 am
returning veterans. tell me what you know about that. >> yeah, i read this story, you know, this is absolutely incredible. i have a friend, my friend mark, a wounded warrior literally severed in half and had a grenade belt on and stepped on an ied and he likes to hunt. so this guy gave life and limb to protect our civil liberties and he comes home with no judicial review whatsoever, a va official, a bureaucrat gets to decide whether he gets his own civil rights back to self-protection. does that not bother anybody? it's unfortunately epidemic in this administration and this political aristocracy that we live in. >> i just want to read a quote from the letter to vets from the executive branch, quote, a determination of incompetencesy will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving or transporting a firearm or ammunition, if you knowingly violate any of these
4:21 am
prohibitions you'll be find, and more due to the brady handgun violence prevention act. that's a very threatening letter. >> well, tucker, i know he calls it the vision of the the bureaucrat, a letter you get from a class of bureaucrats basically saying what you can and can't do while they do the exact opposite. i mean, we're living in this post constitutional society right now where somehow, they've sold it to you, the american citizen, that it's moral, ethical, kind or generous to disarm you while allowing others, our veterans as well as, allowing the wolves in our society, the criminals to impart violence upon you at will and they know that you won't be carrying a weapon and these gun-- these strict gun controls states of which i live in, maryland. >> tucker: that's the most eloquent right of self-protection i've heard in a long time. thank you, sir. she called them to tell a
4:22 am
drunk customer was behind the wheel of a car. and she got fired. should she be punished for making the right decision? and hollywood's biggest night is tonight. who should we expect to take home the trophy? oscar predictions straight ahead. ♪ new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur and don't get heartburn in the first place! we asked total strangers to watch it for us.
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4:25 am
♪ >> and the oscar goes to.... >> alisyn: wow, you have the envelope already. >> clayton: alisyn camerota. >> alisyn: thank you, i want to thank the academy. >> clayton: the suspense is over. we have a lot of suspense, who will win hollywood's biggest prize ends tonight.
4:26 am
giving us his oscar picks, picks you can bet on, by the way, kevin mccarthy is also the founder of nerd >> clayton: i like that. >> i don't want any angry e-mails if i'm wrong on monday morning. >> tucker: you're not going to be wrong. >> i'm not going to be wrong. this is the hardest year i've ever had predicting the oscars because the three categories of supporting actor, best actress and best director are so open. they're all open this year. >> clayton: and you have a lot more films, and years past four or five films, now we're up to nine and ten films to pick from so we have a lot more to drill down on. and start with best actress usually where it opens in the show, and best actress comes first. >> actress later in the night. supporting actor is early on. this is interesting, a lot this have is split. emanu emanuel rivas, the jessica
4:27 am
chastain for drama and jessica lawrence. the youngest and oldest actress nominated. an interesting category. a lot of people say emanuel reeva could upset. she turns 86 tonight the night of the oscar, oldest actress ever nominated and everybody could possibly sing happy birthday to her if she wins. jennifer lawrence has the momentum, took home the sag award and i think she'll win tonight. i think that jessica chastain deserves the award for an amazing performance in "zero dark thirty." keep your eye out for emanuel. and it's sentimental. >> and that's why jennifer lawrence may not win because she's young. >> tucker: a meritocracy. >> i think that lawrence deserves it over rivas. keep your eye on that, sticking with will win, everinlawrence.
4:28 am
>> clayton: best supporting actor right at the top of the show. >> yes. >> who are we seeing? who are the nominees and who will win and should? >> all five of these actors were all won an oscar before. >> all five have won before. the race originally bean chris to have waltz for django in chains and lincoln. and i'm sticking with chris to have, he's a leading actor and harvey wi harvey weinstein and tommy lee jones took the sag award, but keep your eye out for robert de niro, he hasn't won since raging bull. that could be the upset, but i'm sticking with waltz. >> tucker: if robert de niro hasn't won in 30 years. >> i agree the best
4:29 am
performance, good fellows, an amazing performance. >> alisyn: next, best picture. >> clayton: the big one. >> alisyn: who do you think will win. >> the best thing that ever happened to ben affleck was not being nominated for best director that puts this movie as the underdog story and won the director's guild, producer guild. writers guild, sag, it's won everything leading up tonight. odds are heavily for it, for it because of those reasons and against it because only three times in the the history of the academy has a film won best picture without a best director nomination the last time was 1990 for "driving miss daisy" i'll say argo will win, and i think that django should win. and affleck sees a lot of controversy, and cars never he went up the runway as the planes were taking off and i sat down with him and what is the balance of adding in the fictional elements and keeping true to a true story and sat down with tone mendez, the
4:30 am
real cia agent. >> hopefully having cars come down the runway, you know, i felt like kind of externallized the stress that people were under, but didn't change any of the underlying facts. they used their covers, they got past the guards and got on the plane and-- >> just because when i looked out the window the last time of the airport, i didn't see the cars pull out into the -- into view, and i had that feeling. >> he felt the cars were there. which i think is interesting, so affleck gives that intensity, but the cars were never there. and i think that works. >> alisyn: i do, too. >> and how much money is at stake, if argo wins best picture that makes what kind of difference? >> the dvd, i went to best buy everywhere, sold out. the nomination alone helps out, but after you win, of course shall everyone's going to buy the film and argo isn't the highest grossing film of 2012.
4:31 am
that was avengers, i would like to see that or skyfall. the sales will definitely rise up. out of the ten nominees, and "les mis" had more than argo. kevin's going to join us later in the show and do us an oscar quiz, so stick around for that. >> i'm excited about it. >> flip the tables here, ask you guys a question. i'm going home victorious. >> a question, geeking out. >> i'm geeking out and we'll wait a couple of segments to have you explain. >> up next, debris sent flying into the the stands after a massive pileup on the track. how does a crash like this affect the drivers as they get ready for today's daytona 500. and standing by live with one of them. >> plus, it's that time of year again. it's fear week. >> of course you've been counting the weeks. >> we're celebrating the stories behind them. >> i'm hopping excited. >> oh, stop it! >> no, you stop it.
4:32 am
♪ soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson.
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>> fox news alert for you, because dozens of injured after tires and debris were sent flying into the stands at the daytona speedway. >> it's only hours before nascar kicks off its big season of course the at the daytona 500. >> tucker: rick reichmuth is
4:36 am
live from daytona where he witnessed the crash, rick? >> hey, yeah, i saw the crash and very scary thing and today is the big race. and today the daytona 500 and what you see a crash like that yesterday, what does it do today? does it scare you, make you take today's race different? >> he no, i mean, we know the risk and i know what i do is extremely dangerous, no doubt about it. so, i don't, i don't view today any differently than i would any other day. it's part of our sport, we just hate when it happens to the fans and like tony said yesterday in the interview we assume that risk and know that going into the race car, there's a chance we may not come back, but the fans, i mean, they show up to watch this race and want to have a good time and hang out with their family and watch the race. >> rick: have you talked to any of the other drivers yesterday and a sense of what the experience was like. >> no, i haven't talked to anybody, just hanging out with my wife and kids and we ate an early dinner and went to bed
4:37 am
early. so get ready for a big day. >> rick: okay, i interviewed you four years ago, it was your rookie year and first time in the 500, and you came in 10th place. >> yeah, hopefully more of the same, and hopefully fox and friends is good luck for us and i'd like to be here, we need to pick up nine spots or so from that so i'd like to be back from victory lane. >> and this will be your third time racing today, on daytona 500, and feeling good about it and confident. >> yeah, really good. second year back at richard petty sports and it's been a lot of fun over the last year, and then, to come back this year, and to get ready to go, with my crew chief and everybody, we're excited about driving that 43 and hopefully getting it back. >> and you've got richard petty on your side. you've got advice from him. >> plenty of advice. >> never too much advice from the king and i get plenty of advice, and he's so knowledgeable about the sport and what we're doing with our
4:38 am
cars and stuff. >> so you mentioned this, so, daytona drivers, you guys travel in style. we've got two incredible chefs here and this is how you roll now if you're a nascar driver. >> and we've got it and michelle, you guys have been judges on the chevy and food network, amazing chefs yourselves and you've brought food for him and for us. >> let me tell you, it is good. we ate yesterday. we ate-- >> and bacon, why not. >> rick: bacon? >> everything with bacon, and-- >> even sandwiches. i did that for you, did that for you. >> and one of the foods that the crew could eat that was portable, because just be able to feel the crew and they do so much work. >> and everything has bacon in it yesterday pretty much. >> so alisyn, tucker and clayton, a crash on
4:39 am
everybody's find and today is the big day and everybody is happy there were no fatalities and no life threatening injuries and today, the race goes on, eric, thanks for getting up, with you guys as well. >> and we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much, rick, we look forward to the race today. >> it's beer week and you ought to be celebrating in time to celebrate american brewed craft beer. >> and we have jeremy, founder altz brewing company and kelly taylor, founder of kelso, and chris gallant and-- is it gallant or gallant. >> gallant. >> tucker: jeremy, you're the brewer of hebrew. >> shmaltz, and hebrew beer and coney island craft lagger. >> tucker: how do we go with
4:40 am
what i've grown up with, schlitts and bud and-- >> it's a great time to try the craft beers, the flavor. uniqueness, small batch brewing, putting it on a human scale and doesn't cost that much money and that's why we're doing new york city craft beer week. >> perhaps they're tastier than other beers that tucker was talking about. >> i asked kelly. who has the hopiest beer on the table. tell us what to expect at beer week this week, and people going around looking for the most flavorful and what do you expect to take home an award at the end of it all. >> we don't take home awards and the consumer is hopefully the person who gets the award and they're the ones driving what we are doing in the market and what's happening, people's appreciation for different flavored beers, beers that have different struck to them. that appreciation is rising and we're talking about, everybody's got a subjective taste, everybody's palate is different. let's not all have the same exact beers across the board.
4:41 am
have something uniquely made, hand crafted and got more structured and more ent the tang and fun to drink. >> and chris's bottle down here is interesting. are those cans, bottles, what are those. >> these are cans, the new cans that we have. and coming out in happy and we're very excited. right now, we've just been a draft. a draft beer that we have right here. >> this is all american made. >> yes. this is a morning show. what was, what's the best morning beer? and not that we're endorsing morning be morning drinking, but like in-- do you recommend any for morning. >> if i did, the black tale ale, chocolate and-- >> oh. >> and depends what you like to drink in general, what do you drink in the morning, coffee? i recommend a dark stout. if you like hope beers, ita, tastes like grateful juice a little bit. >> you're right and get some of those life styles it's
4:42 am
citrusy. we're at a place now i'm thinking in beer loving where you might need a sommelier, and someone come in and wall street journal said move over wine sommeliers, we need beer sommeliers to pair with your flavors. >> top shelf restaurants realize all the efforts in the wine list and amazing food why not put that effort into beer. so there's a program certified, people called sis roans and the people were getting more and more knowledge, higher and higher levels of the knowledge and sharing that with customers in a way that i think is actually great, it's not quite as intimidating as wine and it's really everybody's drink and why not drink something interesting and more delicious. >> people think of american beer and i think they think of like coors and stuff like that. that's not the case and not owned by american companies anymore. >> we do make something in this country. it's the fruit of american innovation and impressive. thanks, guys.
4:43 am
>> and new york, fifth annual new york city beer week from february 22nd to march 3rd. if you're in the city, great to see you guys. >> ali. >> alisyn: i'm ready for my breakfast beer. i like something fruity, bring it on over. thanks, i'll take it, thanks so much. okay, meanwhile, he starred in the movie "act of valor" now a navy seal is pulling the curtain back further and a problem why how people become navy seals today. says it's too easy explains how it happens. are you one of the shoppers that goes to the grocery store for one thing and comes back with ten? we have smart shopping tips for you next. oh this is lame,
4:44 am
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4:47 am
the wheel she called the cops who pulled him over. days later she was fired by her boss, he says the move was bad for business. and a bodyguard is keeping 24 hours watch over kate upton curves. chris, you want that job? she's reportedly hired the full-time detail to go everywhere with her. it comes after landing on the front of sports illustrated swimsuit issue for the second year in a row and alisyn and tucker do you mind if we keep rolling. >> alisyn: it may be awkward for the next segment. >> tucker: and rolling in your head full-time anyway. the movie act of valor navy seals and the fictional account of a real seal operati operation. operation. >> clear. >> right now.
4:48 am
>> alisyn: and a commander was in that movie and he's joining us to give us an inside look what it takes to be in america's premier special ops commando team. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: that movie was such a calorie burner to watch. >> it was. >> alisyn: just to watch, the acts of heroism, the physical things that you guys put yourselves through to protect us, but you say that there was so much mental that we don't know about and what goes into making a seal? what do you mean? >> well, that's exactly right. the recent conversation, the books that have been popular and the film i think they focused on operations and specific missions and i thought there was something missing from the narrative. so, the real special part ends up being how we select seals, train seals, prepare them for war, send bring them back, the family connections, so it's getting into the mindset of the seal and how we evaluate
4:49 am
and run the program that i want to talk about. >> tucker: navy seal training is famously rigorous, what's the toughest part of it in your experience? >> you know, you had to pick just one thing, it's the cold and people come down to san diego and an idyllic, southern california town and hit the water with the current and it's colder than people reamlize. relentless cold and physical stress and playing on your mind. >> alisyn: that's what you detail in your book, the thing i find hardest to believe, actually, you say that even regular people, regular mortals like us learn from the motivational techniques that you seals use, how? >> those successful in the program, they have commonalties and succeed.
4:50 am
and almost pathological aversion to failure and teamwork at a high level and i think those are valued everywhere and i feel we could share some of those concepts and wrap them with stories that really make them resonate. that would be of value. >> the seal teams have in the last couple of years been a mysterious part of the military, incredibly famous, world famous. how has that changed the lives of seals? >> i think it's yet to be seen. i think we'll have to watch how that progresses and the nice thing i can say, i haven't seen any of the media or the attention effect combat operations and i haven't seen any information revealed that would put our teams or the brotherhood in harm's way, off soft units, a critical piece to us. we'll see he where the attention goes, goes through peaks and valleys. >> what do you think want people to take away from the book "damn few", i believe what we've learned in 12-plus
4:51 am
years of sustained combat and what we think about within the seal terms, our ability to take care of one another, and take care of our country, our families, and a lot of concepts folded into "damn few" that would convert into the board room, family the soccer team. it's more than the specifics of a gun fight. >> tucker: lieutenant command commander rouschiark denver. >> thank you. >> alisyn: do you know the supermarket tricked you into spending more money than you had planned. how to avoid it. >> tucker: of course it does. spring break around the corner. how does relaxing at a tropical resort sound to you? we'll tell you how to book that trip. a trip you could actually afford. details ahead. ♪ hi. hi.
4:52 am
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♪ >> all right. welcome back, our next guest says the next time you go to the supermarket you should have your guard up because the supermarket has tricks up its sleeves to get you to spend, spend, spend. how to it avoid that, the consumer saving expert. >> thank you for having me. >> i love this tip, you say don't use a cart because i guess you know, you grab that cart and first thing you do, instin instin instin instinctual. >> they are bigger and bigger and designed to make you full it up with goods. i recommend a hand basket, unlikely to fill it up, because it gets heavy and no room for it. if you use a cart, you're more likely to get the cart and fill it up and over your
4:56 am
budget quite a bit. >> clayton: avoid pre packaged and pre cut items and stopped buying the pre bagged lettuce, seemed weird anyway. >> you're looking at saving 40 to 60% by buying the whole vegetables, but by buying larger slabs of meat and cheese and a lot of people are paying for convenience for pre shredded cheese and vegetables. and only a five minutes. if you it time is an issue, pick the weekend to do your chopping and shredding and small snack packs and zip-loc bags for the week. >> clayton: and doing some research on this, if you've ever bought the shredded cheese, pre shredded. they have to put chemicals in it to keep from bunching up. >> and the same with vegetables. you may lose out on some of the nutrients when it's pre-chopped. >> clayton: it's better to buy the original.
4:57 am
>> yes. >> clayton: bend and stretch your way to better prices, what do you mean by that. >> manufacturers actually pay more to be placed at the eye level, the average eye level of a shopper, if you shop high and shop low you may find better prices and also the generic brands. and just because you see a sale sticker on the product. doesn't mean it's the less expensive option. you'll still want to compare prices and price per unit. >> shop with gift cards. because you have a set limit. you can't go over? >> that and sites like gift card sell discounted gift cards. you can find them for target, target sells groceries now days, and wal-mart. and redeeming your credit card rewards points for a gift card to the stores and help offset your spending. >> not buying shoes. >> yes. >> your fifth and final,
4:58 am
beware of tcheckout aisle and that's the last chance. >> the last chance to get you to spend and people are standing on line, and they get distracted and start to fill up their cart with the candy and those magazines and whatever else is there and also, sometimes toys, candy placed at eye level of a child. so if you're shopping with your cuts they might start grabbing things, stick to your list, go through your cart and try to stick to your guns without filling it up. >> thank you so much, andrea. yeah, that's where alisyn buys her in touch weekly and checkout aisle. coming up on the show we're five days away from automatic budget cuts. what impact will the sequester have on the country and chris wallace will weigh in at the top of the hour. >> and new york city michael bloomberg, soda bands secret impacts. ♪ i've got too much time on my hands ♪ [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made?
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5:02 am
it's sunday, february 24th, i'm alisyn camerota and begin with a fox news alert for you. with this. >> and coming back, and tony stewart is going to win this race. and a terrible crash coming to the finish. >> alisyn: it was a crash course at daytona as cars collided sending tires and flying debris into the stands and passengers out to the hospital on stretchers. our own rick reichmuth was there when it happened and live with complete coverage ap get ready for today's big race. >> a stalemate on the sequester. we're five days away from a budget cut. joining us from his reaction in washington. straight ahead. >> new york's mayor michael bloomberg taking the nancy sta it-- nanny state. how it could affect your pizza delivery and your children's birthday parties.
5:03 am
"fox & friends" hour three is right now. >> ♪ >> welcome to the show on this sunday morning. we start unfortunately with a fox news alert. the fiery wreck pat daytona international speedway leaving cars mangled and dozens of fans hurt. here is how it unfolded yesterday. watch. >> a turn around, tony stewart is going to win this race. and a terrible crash coming to the finish. >> an unbelievable scene taking place at the end of a nationwide series race. the multi-car wreck sent debris in the front half of kyle larson's car through the fence along with the engine and tire. >> alisyn: our own rick reichmuth was a few hundred feet away from that crash and joins us live from there this morning. rick, it must have been terrifying. >> rick: a scary scene. i was on the infield watching on a big screen they have. trying to get a better view right there at the end and i
5:04 am
saw the crash about to happen and turned back around and as you can see, exactly where the crash happened and where you see some of the white on the track there. and heard what sounded like a bomb going off and saw debris and smoke, fly through the area and then we ended up seeing the images of that engine that ended up inside the-- inside, and a wheel, and a number of roads all the way up. and 33 injuries in the stands, from spectators. no significant injuries at all for any of the drivers kyle larson, the ckacar catapulted u. and keselowski tried to get around him and that caused the accident and kyle's car eventually flying up. and he talked afterwards about the crash, listen to what he had to say. >> i'm not sure where everything ended up on the race track, the fans are okay
5:05 am
and the drivers are all right and i took a couple of big hits there and saw my engine was gone. so, just hope everybody is all right. >> and it was kyle larson's first trip,'s a rookie here on the track and a very scary crash. and nascar, obviously concerned and a big race today that was going on and the race is going on today, and nascar would have to say. >> the key was if we were prepared, we responded, we've had the appropriate personnel in place and able to transport the individuals off the property and dealt with the others on property. >> rick: now, i can tell you that a lot of the injuries, injured were taken to halifax medical center on the other side of the speedway here, the number one emergency medical facility in florida, they're also the primary care facilities that handles any kind of injuries that happens here on the track, because of exactly where it happened,
5:06 am
where there's a little entryway into the track they were able to get in very quickly and i talked to one gentleman right here who saw the crash happen. to happens to work in halifax medical center. he said it was seconds before they had emergency treatment and taking care of the situation. so, that obviously helping some of the injuries, 33 people escorted to the hospital and a couple of the injuries were critical and at this point they can say none are life threatening and that's good news, guys. >> alisyn: that's a relief. rick reichmuth, we'll check back with you of course. and we'll check with the headlines, another fox news alert. and final sunday at the vatican this morning, speaking from his apartment window, he told people at st. peters squarele' contin square, he'll continue to serve the church in a
5:07 am
different way. he'll step down and the first pope to resign in 600 years. police in las vegas identified this man as a suspect, last week a deadly drive-by shooting on the vegas strip. 26-year-old amar harris. and the range rover was found near the strip and on thursday, that drove up to a maserati and firing shots into the car and speeding off and then crashed into an oncoming taxi and exploded killing three people. and manti te'o at the nfl combine, combine. >> clayton: you want to say combine. >> alisyn: i do. >> clayton: it's combine. >> alisyn: combine in indianapolis. why did anybody give me a sports story? and most of the questions asked were not about football. they were about the hoax involving the notre dame star's girlfriend who never existed. and te'o stayed calm answering the question, saying he hopes he can put the past behind him. i learned the difference
5:08 am
between what i can control and can't control and i understand people have questions, but i think i've answered everything i could. and for me, i really like to talk about football. >> alisyn: the nfl draft starts a month from tomorrow where te'o is expected to be a first round pick. those are your headlines. >> clayton: thank you so much. let's bring in chris wallace the host of fox news sunday and he knows how to say it and understands football. do you have any comments. >> no, i think it speaks for itself. >> alisyn: enough said. >> clayton: exactly. >> so, chris, the blame flying around washington over the sequester, a, it's going to happen, correct, the end of this coming week and b, is anyone winning so far in this attempt to blame the other side? >> well, in a funny way, tucker, both sides are winning and that's one of the reasonings i think it's going to kick in. the sequester will happen on friday, because both sides see some political advantage to it. the president looking in a kind of macro way, look at polls that indicate most
5:09 am
people favor the idea of deficit reduction being a mix of spending cuts, but also tax hikes, on the other hand, if you're a republican congressman who was elected to hold the line on spending and not to raise taxes, it seems an advantage particularly after the fiscal cliff where you had to agree to increased tax rates and some people making more than 400,000, and this is your one opportunity to basically say, no, we're going to make this all spending cuts. even though everybody agrees that the way this happens, where there are no priorities set, just a percentage across the board in every program, it's a pretty dumb way to do it. >> you know d.c. so well, chris and we've had these conversations, as you mentioned, the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling debate and last minute flurry of activity and senators making triumphant returns for the holidays to be there in washington to get it done. do you see a difference this time there in d.c.? >> yeah, i think there's quite a sizable difference and that's because of the fact that with the debt ceiling, if
5:10 am
you reach that point, we would have gone into either a technical or a practical default, jeopardizing the faith and credit of the american financial system. with a fiscal cliff, everybody's taxes would have gone up. the dramatic thing about the sequester is how undramatic it is. on march 2nd, nobody's going to notice a difference. the government doesn't shut down, none of the cuts are going into effect and it's really less a cliff and more a kind of a gentle slope because of the fact it takes a while for the cuts to kick in. in fact, the furloughs and layoffs that people are talking about, they have to give 60 days notice and that won't happen until the end of april, again, all the more reason why this is going to kick in and go on for a few weeks and only when people begin to feel the effects that you may begin to see some political backlash. >> like a sloping cow pasture. >> thank you for that beautiful image. the kind of thing that you would drive a combine on. >> alisyn: and there it is, bam! but, chris, everybody
5:11 am
likes this idea, i guess, in theory. they obviously, government spending has gotten out of control and we need to tighten our belt and cut places, but when it does kick in in that sloping sort of fashion and there are perhaps, delays at the airport because we don't have air traffic contollers or there is no child care as the president warned because some head start programs, et cetera, are closing. then can they undo it? >> oh, yeah, they can undo it at any point. they can sit there and say we're not going to do those cuts, we're going to do other cuts and make the deal the president wants, which is that there's a mix of spending cuts and tax hikes. you know, it's an interesting thing here. both sides have some political risk. the white house thinks at that when people see the real world effects of this, wait for an hour and a half to get through security and flights are canceled. that there's going to be a backlash against republicans, and the republicans think it's going to turn out the doom and gloom from the sequester cut
5:12 am
is not going to be that bad and when this happens, the people are going to say, now what? we're able to cut 85 billion dollars and may have have an increased appetite for cuts. and there's a down side risk on both sides of this. >> tucker: who is on the show today, chris. >> we're going to talk about the sequester with two key senators, and leading the fight for the democrats, and clare mccaskill and how to affect their states, scott walker of wisconsin and head of the national governor's association, jack markel, and our power player of the week, i'm sure a lot of people are interested in, dr. ben carson, world famous brain surgeon who has now touched a political nerve with his comments at the national prayer breakfast a couple of weeks ago. >> fascinating show. that's fox news sunday, check your local listings to see chris and catch it here later on the fox news channel, if you miss it on your local broadcast network, great to see you this morning. >> bye, guys.
5:13 am
>> well, a health alert from poland spring, maine. the water bottler says gasoline may be in your bottled water. what you need to know about that potential risk coming up. >> alisyn: and is it the death of the full-time job? how obamacare is forcing workers to take on a second gig. ♪ we can work it out, we can work it out ♪ ♪ taking what you're saying ♪ ♪ you think that it's all right ♪
5:14 am
so, this board gives me rates for progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here.
5:15 am
yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today.
5:16 am
>> welcome back, well, the labor department says 8 million americans are working part-time involuntarily, meaning they have no choice because full-time work isn't available right now. thanks to obamacare, the number is set to go up because smaller companies can't hire more than 49 workers, well, if the current employees work over 29 hours without getting
5:17 am
fined. joining me now is a small business owner and david mccarthy owns a bakery. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> and the burdens that have been imposed on you as a small business owner? >> what it does, it takes away your total ability to look forward to what you can do in the future, as far as growth is concerned. and you know, for us personally, we're underneath that number, but we offer right at that 50 employee number, full-time employ he enumber. so, if we plan on opening a new location, would you do it? no way. you can't afford it because it's going to drive us into a higher cost percentage and we're lucky, we're able to afford-- we supply health care for our current employees now, but it's a policy that we can afford to buy. if we go above that 50 number now we're into the policy that the government tells us that we have to supply. and that's a whole different league. >> let's take a look at numbers and exactly what this would mean for companies, if they go over that cap and
5:18 am
don't provide the insurance. if you add a 50th employee, 52 dollars more per hour and $12 more for the salary and $12 for the obamacare tax. if they work 33 hours instead of 29 pay approximately more $10 per hour and safe to say and i can hear this in so many words and perhaps, i don't want to put words in your mouth. do you feel that these plans, obamacare specifically, limit growth in this country and holding back the economy because the small business owners like yourself are afraid to hire and afraid to grow? >> well, certainly, it does. and not only that, it holds back the ability, see a small business, what most people think. they look at the camera and see the small business owner and that's who they think they see, the small business, he no, our small businesses made up of who our employees are. it's a small business is a family. it's not the owner, it's the family, it's the employee and what this does, is this this takes me from being able to take, who came in as a good
5:19 am
part-time working at a wage and take them to a full-time level at a higher wage and you know, so it's a double hit. it holds back the ability for that person that came back to work after maybe she was off and had a family and only wants to, you know, work 40 hours a week, instead of now working this, the 29 hours a week, because somebody started school. you can't promote her now. because now you're going to take and have to supply the health care, automatically fathered into this stuff and it's a nightmare. now, it's what happens when you vote for a law and then after we vote for it let's see what's in it? well, folks, it's going to have major consequences on the work force and the two major people it hits is women and the lower educated employees out there today in the work force, those are the ones hit the worse. >> tucker: it's always going to hit people in the the margins first. do your employees understand this and explain it to them? >> my employees know it well. even with the health care policy that we provide if we
5:20 am
would have tried to supply the same policies, the renewal is right now, our family plan went up $90 a month and people come screaming, that's a thousand bucks a year out of their paycheck, what's going on. this health care-- even it's affected people that supply their own personal policies to employees, it's had a major impact on them not even taking into effect if you abide by the mandates that are in there that just drive these premiums over the roof. i mean, they're unaffordable and that's the government's plan, it's unaffordable and everybody has to drop out and go into the state system which is going to be the federal system, unbelievable. >> clayton: david, small business owner struggling with this in missouri. thank you for your thoughts. >> thank you. >> tucker: and stunning news in the oscar pistorius case, we know that he's being charged with murder and the lead detective has been removed because he's being charged, too, and pistorius'
5:21 am
brother, what's going on in south africa. >> trying to plan a fun family vacation this spring break, how you can afford the magic of disney world next, affordbly. ♪ it's magic, you know ♪ [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices.
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5:24 am
>> quick headlines for you, a day at the zoo takes a scary turn for people in dallas when the monorail they're riding in suddenly gets stuck 20 feet above the ground and half hour to rescue crews from the rail and luckily, nobody was hurt and no word why that happened in the first place. and french actor gerard depardieu has an official
5:25 am
russian address and received a big welcome at a lavish ceremony. a tax refugee and told the crowd he plans to visit often and open a restaurant there and sought citizenship in russia after france proposed a hefty tax on rich people like him. and remember the request for the perfect family --. >> alisyn: i do, tucker. and you're welcome. if you're looking for a spring break vacation and you don't want to be disappointed well, like the griswolds were in "family vacation" the senior editor of travelocity joins us, good to see you. >> great to see you. >> alisyn: i wish i talked to you a week ago, i returned from a great family vacation, but you have good deals for people out there. >> i do, indeed. >> alisyn: are they spring break deals. >> all spring break deals, we're nearly one week from the start of spring break and if you haven't booked yet you might be holding out for a
5:26 am
good value. don't wait too long, the air fare is up 9%. >> tips and deals on the cheap. >> first, go to some unconventional spring break places and you get a better deal. for instance, a disney in colorado springs. >> well, this is' walt disney world, orlando, florida is the number one family destination for spring break and this is $748, five night flight and hotel vacation package out of new york city, staying at coronado springs resort and it's the old world colonial mexico charm. the kid are going to love it. a fantastic glowing mayan temple as the center piece of the pool and won't be spending that much time on the resort itself. you want to go out and exfloor the parks, new fantasy land recently reopened at disney world. tons of fun. >> alisyn: coronado spring, i said colorado. excellent. and cozumel, that's a beautiful, beautiful water,
5:27 am
lovely turquoise sea. what's the deal. >> all inclusive package where you're going to see saving. $748 as well. five nights, including a flight from denver at the cozumel own hotel and spa. and cozumel is just known for its diving, so get out and explore under the surface, you can just really get out and experience wild life and there's one of the only places in the world where you can swim with whale sharks. and this is a rare experience. >> alisyn: sounds dangerous. >> it's not. they're gentle giants and cozumel this time of the year is away from the craziness of the cancun hotel zone so it's a great family get away, kids stay free up to five. >> alisyn: that's a big deal, a child five or sunday free, that's great. speaking of unconventional one, don't go to the beach, go to brooklyn. >> i love this one, why not take an urban spring break get away, $990, five nights at the
5:28 am
aloft and most amazing thing brooklyn, the unparalleled views of the manhattan sky line and this hotel has a fantastic rooftop bar and get out and explore brooklyn's huge borough, lots to do and get out and do a place of brooklyn pizza tour and the taste of best eats and the brooklyn netscape happening that week and that's april 3rd, a wednesday. >> alisyn: nice. next is a place that i'm very familiar with, returned yesterday from puerto rico, a great place for spring break, kids loved it we stayed at the grand malia, and kids and. >> this is more adult, a great party seen. 1,295 staying the ritz carlton in san juan. getting there april 3rd in time for the food festival. and it's the chance to taste the finest food, puerto rican
5:29 am
chefs and international chefs will be there be get out kick your shoes off and doing the salsa dancing in town. a great property all about lavish and luxurious details so you cannot pass that one up. 1,295. >> alisyn: that's a little steeper. but it's certainly sounds wonderful. >> it's worth it. >> alisyn: and courtney, thank you so much from travelocity, great to have you here. >> always great to see you. >> alisyn: meanwhile, a fiery crash goes from the tracks to the stands and injuring the fans and reminder of dale earnhardt's deadly crash. and we head back to daytona where rick reichmuth is standing by with michael waltrip who won the race that fateful day. and michael bloomberg is taking the to your doorstep and pizza deliveries and your child's next birthday, we'll explain. ♪ ooh, ooh, yeah ♪ ♪ what have you done for me
5:30 am
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5:33 am
>> breaking news we've been telling you about the fiery crash at daytona, bringing back an eerie reminder of dale earnhardt's crash years ago. >> and michael waltrip won that race and didn't know his dear friend passed until half an hour after that race
5:34 am
finished. >> clayton: rick reichmuth is standing by with michael waltrip. good morning, rick. >> rick: good morning, yeah, michael waltrip is here. you won this event two times, but in 2001 it wasr that you won and dale earnhardt died. when you see a race like this yesterday, do you think about that time and what does it make you think about how this sport has evolved in terms of safety since then? >> well, in 2001 with dale's death we've lost four race car drivers within a year and since then no fatalities on the track, so, nascar stepped up. we made changes to the cars, changes to the facilities and race something much safer. yesterday just proved to you, it's hard, difficult to guard against everything. there was compromise to the front straight away, and pieces and parts got in the grandstands and that simply can't happen and nascar will go to work and fix this problem. we didn't see how it could happen before yesterday, but you put a pack of cars charging towards the start and finish line at 200 miles per hour, and something goes wrong, you learn a lot. >> and seems like every year
5:35 am
there ends up being a crash towards the end. and the final turn, although this was in, what is kind of the straight away, but it's about to happen there. it seems like it's going to happen every time. >> hungry, you can taste victory at daytona, there's no where in motor sport, winning the daytona 500 and anything in daytona can make your career. i'm interested as a daytona two time champion and people know that and they want that checkered flag and fighting to get it and unfortunately, a terrible crash occurred and thankfully, this morning, everybody has been upgraded to stable condition and out of life threatening intensive care and looking forward to them being able to enjoy the race. >> rick: you've done this race 26 times amazing for somebody so young especially. this year you're doing something special with your car, tell us about it. >> the folks in newtown, connecticut have turned out for a viewing party and they're going to watch their number 26 next newtown and we
5:36 am
went to the community and told them what we're going to do and the mayor of that smalltown told he me that she saw people smile he she hadn't seen smiem. 26 is our number in the honor of the 26 victims that day and we're going to just represent and honored to represent that community and hopefully have 80888, text newtown. >> rick: and that number will be on the car along with everything. and the big story is danica and brings a lot of eyes to the sport and i imagine more people watching this race today than there have been in prior years because you've got a woman running in pole position. tell me about her chances and give me any other people you think have a chance. >> it's great that danica is on the pole and casual viewers want to turn out and see how they're going to do. i love her spirit and her attitude and she's going to start her car on the front row and her goal is to win the race.
5:37 am
and what we've seen out of practice, she's going to be competitive. and her car is fast and hang in the draft and i think the question will be asked from viewers across the world. can this girl hang in there and yes, she can. but there's a couple of guys you've got it make favorites. one is kevin harvick and won the two preliminary races he's been in this speed week and another is kyle busch, always tough at places like this, watch for greg biffle, a fast cars and hasn't got to victory lane, but solid today. the sentimental favorite number 26 that i'm driving for the folks at newtown and enjoy the race today and we'll race hard for you. >> rick: and thank you for joining us live. >> clayton: thank you very much. >> alisyn: and there, there. and get to your headlines. this story, just as oscar pistorius is dealing with murder charges and his brother, carl pistorius is facing homicide charges over a
5:38 am
2010 car crash, allegedly hit and killed a female cyclist, and his lawyer tells that the woman drove into carl's car. and the trial is next month. so, the some of the biggest banks in the country are letting pay day lenders cash into customer accounts and even though it's ill he legal. and lenders set up shop online and jp morgan chase, bank of america, letting them withdraw on pay day loans even if they can have been told them to stop. and some poland spring water, gasoline, people should check the water for the smell of gasoline before drinking it and contamination is a result of hurricane sandy, during the gas shortage, following the
5:39 am
storm, people use the bottles to transport gas and then the bottles were recycled and may have somehow made them back on to store shelves. >> tucker: makes no sense to me, yet, another unintended consequence of recycling, you heard it it here first. >> alisyn: all right. i do have the latest on kimye. kanye west and kim kardashian. >> clayton: did you coin that. >> tucker: sounds like a korean entree. >> alisyn: and they might be be hearing the pitter-patter of little girl feet. sources say the couple have found out they will be having a baby girl and they couldn't be happier. the pair announced the pregnancy in december. if reports are true, kim-ye's little lady is due in july. >> tucker: love combining of celebrity names, bennifer. in new york city, in a few short days the big soda ban,
5:40 am
curty of mayor bloomberg's office is going into effect banning the massive sodas. an unintended consequence, you get the things from domino's pizza, order pizza or pizza hut, whatever, get your pizza deal and could you ponce and often they'll ship them to you and you get a free two liter ounce of soda with your pizza deal. wings and pizza deal and come 0 your house, coca-cola. no more. if you live in new york city under the soda ban you will not be able to get the two big two liters of soda. >> and picture soda at kids birthday party, not only is this elitist, obviously, not only is this authoritarian of course, it's unsupported by science. there are studies that show that diet soda is more likely to result in obesity. and they can't point to a single study that's going to say this will make new york thinner. >> clayton: soda and high
5:41 am
fructose corn syrup and sugar, read the work on this, yes, it's bad for you. what bothers me the hypocrisy the randomness, you're going to ban a large sodas and allow smaller sodas, and the massive frappaccinos in a starbucks and more sugar than a soda. >> alisyn: it's not the first time mayor bloomberg cracks down he says for health reasons. in new york, it's stringent in terms of the smoking rules, the mayor started with that, where you can and can't smoke and basically can't smoke anywhere, trans fats he's cut down on and wants calorie counts on everything, and lots of calorie counts in chain restaurants and this one, many felt crossed the line baby formula. baby formula in new york hospitals kept under lock and key and request it specifically and jump through hoops because he wanted to encourage mothers to
5:42 am
breast-feed, but the idea that you as a mother couldn't make that own choice yourself. there are all sorts of reasons that mothers resort to formula not because they want their children to have a life of obesity, but that's-- >> it's unbelievable that totally out of touch napoleon figure could take control of america's biggest city and start bossing the population around according to his whim and face no opposition. why aren't there demonstrations in the street and chugging big gulps, why aren't they doing that. >> clayton: you talk about the scientists, the arbitrary nature even on the calorie count issue, yes, it's great to go to starbucks and go there over the years and you ike to see that number so it sort of dissuades you-- >> now that i know how much is in-- i don't order. calorie counts doesn't matter. arbitrary calorie counts doesn't matter. >> tucker: it's not science-based. >> clayton: that's my point. >> tucker: we're the party of science, where is the science?
5:43 am
there isn't any? you're doing this to impress your friends in the hamptons? lecture no more. >> alisyn: what's next, grey poupon? and let us know how you feel about this. you can find us all on twitter. and the pope benedict xvi is giving his final blessing, gave it earlier today as he prepares to step down this week. what will the vatican look like as it searches for a new leader. can it be an american pope? >> and do you want a body your a celebrity, and nickki fitness has a workout to make you red carpet ready. ♪ it's all right, all right, tonight, tonight ♪ so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence.
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5:46 am
>> earlier this morning, pope
5:47 am
benedict xvi had his last audience from the studio window before he resigned the end of this month. so what will the next four days have in store for the holy one and what will the vatican look like as the churches next leader of the roman catholic church. father jonathan morris eplains. >> the holy one, that would be god. just a little correction of the text. >> alisyn: the issue. >> tucker: theologian and in church and-- >> and away from the pope. one of the funness things happened in my life last night. i took a red eye from california from an airport not going to tell you which airport it was, and not get everybody in trouble and i go to the restaurant and two ladies are trying to get on a plane and their names are being called. and probably had a couple of drinks and forgotten where they were. and they leave and two minutes later, the waitress realizes there's a vase of roses, beautiful roses, she says oh, my gosh these meant so much to them i can't believe he they
5:48 am
forgot them. i said i'll run to the gate, it's close and i get to the gate the lady at the gate says, i said could you bring these on, the two ladies who just gotten. >> no, you go on. i'm not on this flight. >> go ahead and bring them on. i walk up the tarmac, up the plane and everybody's seated and walked all the way to the end of the-- everyone's staring at me with a big vase of roses and the lady screams, gives me a big hug, i turn around and everybody gives me a huge ovation, i have no idea what they were thinking. >> now what i'm thinking. >> it was very awkward and funny. >> alisyn: and this is what your-- >> and get right back to the pope, but i couldn't-- >> we all need to dress as priests. and next tum we go to the airport. because, you usually can't get on a plane that easily. >> you know who the roses were from, the waitress told them later, they received them at a taping of the bachelor. and this is not a joke.
5:49 am
anyway, let's get back to the pope. the pope it's a hard transition, but i couldn't get it go. >> tucker: seamless. >> and the pope gave the last audience. definitely will be, the last audience, i don't know what the point will be -- he gave his last sunday angelus, comes to the balcony and the message he gave was he very simple he said just like the gospel today, the transfiguration, i'm going on the mountain to pray and do a retreat basically just like jesus did in preparation for his last day. >> clayton: how does it affect the office of -- the papal office. now you'll have a pope in retirement. in a weird kind of way, we have presidents in the united states, expresidents and get together, in the way of two poap popes, a wrong way to look it. >> he'll be the retired bishop of rome. i knew pope benedict before he became pope. he's quiet, studious and not
5:50 am
looking for power and he's going to do what he said today, go to retreat and prayer. i guess he'll also continue his writing. he's written a lot. written a lot on jesus of nazaruth, writing about the bible and life of jesus. i bet he'll continue to do. >> which of the two stories did you like, alisyn, more attentive to. >> alisyn: it's funny as you can say, my attention was drifting while were you talking because i looking around the studio wondering if there was a flower, a rose, sometimes we have things around and a rose and chase you down on the way out. >> clayton: all we had left was the beer from the segment earlier. >> i'd like that. >> and the bachelor contestants and-- >> premier a beer before going to say mass... maybe not. >> on the show, hire criminals or we'll sue. the obama administration says it should be a crime to hire
5:51 am
ex-convicts. we report you decide. >> tucker: looking to shine in the spotlight? nikki fitness will show us or more precisely ali how to do that with a red carpet workout. >> i can't do that. >> tucker: yes, you can. ♪ jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data...
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5:54 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." it is 52 minutes now after the hour. the moment you've been waiting for. your news by the numbers oscar edition. first 40,000, how many square feet of red carpet hollywood's biggest stars will cover on
5:55 am
the way to the awards ceremony. 50, that's how many oscar statuettes are created every year for the ceremony. and takes three to four weeks to make all of them. remember a few years ago found them in the trash. and finally 15 minutes how long the ceremony was in 1929 the shortest oscars ever. and alisyn, can you name the first academy award winning film. >> alisyn: driving his daisy. >> clayton: no, a silent film, wings. >> alisyn: a great tribute. thank you. and speaking of the oscars, they're only hours away and whether you're posing on the red carpet or celebrating with friends. we want to look great. and here with moves is personal trainer and fitness expert, nicole, nikki fitness. >> great to have the moves, and the celebrities on the red carpet look so beautiful, but actually they've kicked it into gear. >> they've been working it for about a month on this night. >> alisyn: if you do the moves you're about to show us for a
5:56 am
month we will actually see a difference? >> yes, that's the way to tone the areas that spotlight the most, and certain areas you can hide. biceps, triceps, and arms and backless dresses. >> alisyn: first, strike a pose. >> you can do without weights. it's a cardio and lunging and do eight here and biceps for eight and gets your heart rate up. high and low and doing plio metrics. >> alisyn: and do them with hand weights. >> what are paparazzi push-ups. >> works your chest and arms and back at the same time. come to the floor and lower down and do an upper back raise and push back up to give you two moves in one. >> alisyn: ahey. keep going for a second. and so then you're doing-- this is where you're talking
5:57 am
about the back. >> squeezing your shoulder blades together and working your bootie you're lifting up your legs and low back, and it's all of your moves. >> alisyn: i like the part of the segment where i instruct you. >> my trainer. >> alisyn: exactly. and roll out the carpet abs. >> this one is great because it's abs and cardio? one. start standing up and sit down. easier version, hands by hips, use your abs, lift up feet up and stand. harder one is arms overhead and lay down and then jump. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh. >> get your heart rate up and tone your abs and slim you all over. the cardio gets the calories burn. >> alisyn: you have to do it on the carpet. >> or a mat. >> alisyn: and when you're down, chest it in the air and using the abdominals to really lift them up and if your arms are overhead you can't cheat with your hands by your hips.
5:58 am
>> alisyn: a-ha, that looks really good. i'll try those eating the nachos tonight. and say where to get this. >> get your own red carpet back drop at red carpet have your own party at home. >> alisyn: this is fun to take pictures. great to see you at always. >> call it glamour time. mj hammer just arrested. we have all the details. we'll share them with you in a minute. ♪ can't touch this ♪ ♪ can't touch this ♪ ♪ my, my, my, music is so hard, makes me say oh, my lord ♪ ♪ thank you for blessing me ♪ ♪ good when you know you're down ♪ plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months,
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6:02 am
>> contact! , toni stewart is going to win this race. >> dozens of fans were injured. some with life-threatening injuries. rick reichmuth was there when it happened and he joins us live with the latest. >> hire criminals or we'll sue you. the obama administration says is ought to be a crime to refuse to hire ex-convicts. return your bottle and get 10 cents? remember this seinfeld episode. >> michigan. >> michigan, you get 10 cents. >> now michigan lawmakers want to crack down claiming smugglers are scamming the state. "fox & friends" hour 4 starts right now.
6:03 am
a devastating crash at the daytona speedway leaving a fiery trail and dozens of fans hurt. >> tony stewart is going to win this race. a terrible crash coming to the finish. >> an unbelievable scene at the end of the nationwide series race. the multicar wreck sent the front half of a car through the fence. >> rick reichmuth was a few hundred feet away from the crash and joins us live from daytona, florida. >> a scary scene. this is the biggest event in the nascar world, it's the super bowl for them, the start of the season. people come out so excited for a big race. they don't expect to see something like this. impacting the spectators like this is very different. the safety for spectators is
6:04 am
huge for nascar and obviously this is a big concern. listen to what one of the fans had to say about his reaction to the accident. >> we always felt safe there. so i hope it doesn't mess up nascar or daytona because this really -- that's a unique, unbelievable, freak accident and we feel bad for the fans that got hurt. >> yeah, that's -- you know, i think a lot of people understand it's a freak accident, something they never thought could happen. nascar and the teams will go in and see what happened with the car. kyle larsen's car was ripped to shreds and the engine ended up in the stands. the entire with wheel, brakes and everything, hurdled through the air. i tweeted a picture of the
6:05 am
fence. it's in perfect condition. they feel confident it's ready for the race today. the nationwide series race had a winner, however tony stewart not able to celebrate in the typical way. listen to what he had to say. >> we've always known since racing started, this was a dangerous sport. we assume that risk and it's hard when the fans get caught up in it. i'm more widower about -- worried about the drivers and fans. i could see it in the mirror and it didn't look good. >> we talked with michael waltrip and he said the year they changed when everybody put in safer cars was in 2001. four drivers died that year. there were no fatalities since then. for all the drivers to walk away without serious injuries, certainly remarkable.
6:06 am
at this point, 33 people yesterday injured from this and there were a couple in critical condition, but according to the medical areas, none of the injured have life-threatening injuries. there's another news conference at 9:30 from nascar. we'll have information from that as well. >> thank you for the update from there. just as oscar pistorius is dealing with murder charges, his brother is in the same situation. overnight details emerge that carl pistorius is facing homicide charges. he allegedly hit and killed a female cyclist. but pistorius says the woman drove in carl's car. a manhunt is underway for 26-year-old ammar harris, who police identified as the suspect in the deadly shooting on the
6:07 am
las vegas strip. on thursday, that suv drove up to a maserati, firing shots into the car and speeding off. the maserati crashed into a taxi and exploded, killing three people. rapper mc hammer singing a different tune after getting arrested last week. >> ♪ can't touch this ♪ ♪ can't touch this. >> the rapper arrested for obstructing an officer and resisting arrest. police say they approached him in a mall parking lot about expired registration and he became argumentative. on twitter he said the cop asked him if he was on parole or probation and pulled him out of the car. he was wearing jeanie pants. just kidding. >> still no deal on the looming sequester. some of our nation's governors
6:08 am
are going to washington, joining warning calls of what the cuts could do to the economy. they want their federal dollars. peter doocy is live from washington with the details. >> what we saw yesterday was a bunch of democratic governors and republican governors come to washington, d.c. to rip on lawmakers who live and work here in washington full time. there was a lot of blame being placed on congress and the white house for the agreement they made to make sequestration the law of the land. here's how the democratic governor of vermont, petershamland, said the automatic cuts would set the state's economy way back. >> how can you possibly be looking to self impose this crisis. it means for our constituents job loss and going back into a negative economy out of the longest recession in american history. it's very painful. >> the sequestration includes
6:09 am
defense cuts as well. hawaii's democratic governor, neil abercrombie, reminded us yesterday pearl harbor symbolizes what happens when you're not prepared. he said the sequester would undermined the capacity for readiness at pearl harbor. republicans are sounding similar alarms with alabama's governor saying he wishes the sequester's cuts weren't to blind and across the board. >> i want a reasoned approach to this, and i know that we need to cut. there's no doubt we all have to cut. we have to balance our budget. we understand that. but we want a more surgical approach to this rather than it being a draconian cut like they're talking about at the present time. >> one very candid from iowa governor who said his feeling is that he can't help what's going on here in washington. back to you in new york.
6:10 am
let's talk about what's going on in michigan. they are facing a bit of a bottle crisis. a scam that people are pulling off, perp perpetrating on the people of michigan as they go across state lines with gallons of recyclable bottles. out-of-staters coming in to get the 10 cents. in michigan they pay more. it reminds us of seinfeld where newman and kramer tried to pull off the same scam. >> in michigan. >> michigan, you get 10 cents. >> 10 cents? >> yeah. >> wait a minute, 5 cents here and 10 cents there? you could round up bottles here and run them to michigan. >> that doesn't work. >> what do you mean? >> you overload your inventory and blow your margin. >> you're not talking about the michigan scam. >> oh, yeah. >> you tried it? >> every which way. i couldn't crunch the numbers. >> art is imitating life
6:11 am
imitating art. in michigan they have this problem as clinton said where they have lost $13 million as a result of people coming from ohio, wisconsin, bringing in truckloads of bottles because they want the 10 cents back. >> we got a lot of michigan folks saying the problem is not the program, it's that we get 10 -- we get a 10% deposit. when you buy a glass bottle, you make a 10 cent deposit. people out of state haven't made the deposit. >> look, i sympathize with michigan. i married a girl from michigan. but michigan people, it's time to admit this is a silly law. your state has attached a price to bottles and cans that isn't real. the government can't create prices. they're not worth 10 cents. that's why you're getting taken advantage of. it's time to repeal the law.
6:12 am
>> so you don't prove of people going to jail for this? >> they passed a dumb law. i don't think they passed it for malicious reasons. it's silly and they should just repeal it. >> 93 days in jail. that's the sentence. >> has your wife ever tried to pull off the deal? >> we do it every summer. we fly to detroit with crushed mountain dew cans. just kidding. >> where he want to hear from more michigan viewers. next on the show, this ... >> look, denying media bias has to be like denying science. you're worse than a flat earther, you're a no earther. >> who has greg gutfeld so relied up? >> what is he doing up so early? >> his show ended at 4:00 a.m. is your home a mess?
6:13 am
we're clearing the clutter. professional organizer merle star is cleaning up homes, claiming it makes a better marriage. sometimes what we suffer from
6:14 am
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6:15 am
so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu.
6:16 am
is mainstream media bias a mitt? that's the line from nbc news. the answer, is resounding yes. it's the reason republican staffers won't allow boss to say interview liberals on liberal networks. >> i think the mythology of the nonconservative media has gotten into some offices so there's is this fear of -- it's a -- i feel like it's a mythology that
6:17 am
younger staffers believe. they actually believe the spin that's out there. my god, that's what the mainstream media does, anything to disrupt the conservative agenda. the mythology is believed among more staffers. >> the next guest says that's insane, like denying science. greg gutfeld is cohost of the five, author of the joy of hate. really, one of the great books of the year. >> probable the greatest ever. >> probablier ever. with the bible and oliver twist. you're saying media bias is real? >> hard to believe. i think what happened with chuck todd, and this happens a lot. you have a word a day calendar and the word was mythology. he said that three times. it's like when president obama says balanced approach over and
6:18 am
over. you can't get it out of your head. the only time you should talk about mythology is if you're trying to find a public bathroom that's clean or a decent maroon 5 song. they don't exist. but to deny -- when they talk about climate change deniers, they call them flat earthers. these are flat liners because they're brain dead. the amount of evidence is astounding. the journalist scandal. drones. when president bush was using drones, that was evil. when president obama uses them, drones are suddenly like beautiful butterflies with digestive problems. it's suddenly okay. look at the way occupy wall street was portrayed versus the tea party. the tea party was racist and evil. occupy wall street, furry animals this needed a hug. >> when you talk to someone that works at the one of the
6:19 am
broadcast networks that says it's not real, do you think it's a talking point or do you think they believe it? >> i don't know. it could be a dilution or a medical disorder. i'm not a medical expert, though i've told people that i am. you know what it is? people surround themself with people they have things in common with. there's a lot of people in the media that don't know conservatives and they come from the campus, the academia, which is like the mcdonald's the media bias but over 4 million corrupted. it's a -- they don't know any conservatives. so it's like when you actually question them on a -- anything. any specific issues, or bring up the tea party, not really bad people, they look at you with a jon stewart approach of you can't be serious. come on, you're not that dumb to believe that stuff. that's the response to every time you question them about media bias. it's like, oh please.
6:20 am
>> that's just -- >> right. but how does this happen? i mean i've noticed this. i agree with you and everything you said is true but why are the press so liberal? >> i will go back to the it's -- they're created by machine. the machine is the college campus. that's where they come from. it's no different except professorrers are replaced with tv producers. nobody has challenged them and they think -- like when they run into somebody who questions it, it just like -- come on, that doesn't. >> what would you do about it? >> you do what you're doing now. point it out, but with good humor. it becomes tiresome if you lose it as a default position. you sound old and tired but it's real. >> totally real. >> we have the evidence. when you look at voting practices and political
6:21 am
contributions, the evidence is there. >> greg gutfeld. >> not bad for early in the morning. >> i'm very impressed. that was lucid and true. >> i'm heavily medicated. >> this bartender fired for calling the cops and telling them the customer was too drunk to drive. the employer said it was bad for business. can clutter break up a happy relationship? is a clean house a content house? these couples cleaned their gutters, their clutter, got organized. learn tips from them straight ahead. the machine showed me a map of my feet, and it gave me my custom number.
6:22 am
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6:25 am
if a clean home is a happy one. organization may be the key to a successful marriage. the next guest believes couples to clear the clutter together stay together. we have the author of let's get organized. you're the owner of lets get organized, not just a book. she brought three couples with different types of organizational problems. >> thank you for having me here. >> why does disorganization lead to unhappy marriages? >> because there's so much negativity and clutter. once you clear the clutter and lift the negativity, there's happiness. >> fantastic. here are real life couples that you have helped declutter. let's meet them and see what the problems were. brian and karen, hi, guys. >> hi. >> these guys were the disorganized couple. what did you mean by that? >> they moved in together, they were living out of boxes and had
6:26 am
no closet. we went to container store, bought them a closet, put it together and that was the start for them. >> karen, what was your life like when you had no closet? >> messy. we had just clothing everywhere. >> how did you ever find anything to get dressed? >> it was haphazard. we picked up what was on the floor and put it on. >> how has this changed their lives? >> the first thing i did for them was said change out your closets. that's what everybody could do at home. change your hangers. saves space, makes the clothes look great. the other thing is after we organized the closet, they had so many clothes left over they didn't know what to do with. i said do a fashion show for each other and decide, brian didn't like what karen was wearing so he said that's going to go. that was great. so that was what they did together. >> so you did a fashion show. what had to go? >> about 90% of my college tee
6:27 am
shirts. frat shirts. >> the concert t's. acdc had to be. >> yeah. >> and how's your relationship better? >> it's much better. >> much more uncluttered. >> that's good. let's look at after pictures of your home. we've seen the before and we're going to see after pictures. look at that. nicely done. >> organized living after shot. >> let's go to the neat -- we want to meet this couple. they have a typical problem. one is messy, one is neat. this is -- >> no, that's them. >> that's okay. >> david and add line. they combined two apartments into one. >> they had two of everything. two coffeemakers, two toasters but couldn't decide what to keep. i said take the emotion out of it and only keep what is practical. >> was that hard? >> absolutely. >> but we did it with the help
6:28 am
of merle. >> how did you do it? >> i like my coffee, mr. coffee, and she liked her french press. and we got the keurig. >> a beautiful compromise. >> i was able to have one for me, one for -- >> we each have our own coffee style. and we got rid of a lot of pots that i had that were my mom's. not necessary to keep. not necessary to keep. >> but it's emotional. >> the ring we hang on to stuff is because you hate to part with it. >> of course. >> but it was more important for us to be happy with each other and -- >> that was the key. >> beautiful. i think we see a picture of their after. you made the changes.look at th. paragon of organization. >> organized living. thank you, thank you. >> impressive. >> okay. now, benji and alisa.
6:29 am
one is messy. >> he's a pig. >> this is deny driving me -- my driving me crazy couple. he had stuff all over the place. manila envelopes. >> did you get the -- >> i'm alarmed. what we did was created him a man cave. >> a man cave. >> in the garage. we set up a whole system for him to keep all his -- >> she locked me in the garage. >> all his stuff was in the garage. >> the man cave is the answer. >> i'm so happy with him. i cannot wait to get married. i have merle to think. >> i love it. >> wait, wait. >> merle saved our relationship, benji. >> you heard it. >> no, i -- but the marriage -- >> she could be your maid of honor. >> you're headed the right direction. thank you for showing us, guys.
6:30 am
glad it worked out. let's go over to the guys for a tease. >> that was inspiring. coming up, we head to daytona where we're waiting on a press conference on the fiery pileup. kate upton's curves under full time watch. details on what the super model just did to protect her assets coming up. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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6:34 am
fox news alert. we've been telling you of the dozens injured after the fiery crash at daytona international speedway. how will it affect today's running of the daytona 500? >> rick reichmuth has been at the track all morning long keeping us up to date and is standing by with one of today's drivers. >> good morning. obviously everybody talking about the crash. i'm with martin truex, jr., you see the crash happen yesterday. we know nobody has life-threatening injuries. that's great news, but you see that crash happen, does that play with your mind when you come into a race like today? >> i don't think so. obviously you hate to see that happen. first of all, you have to say nascar, the track, everybody did a great job handling the situation. nascar puts the safety of the fans and drivers first and that's something we'll probably never see again.
6:35 am
we're glad everybody's doing okay. there were so many people worried about those folks. we've got the best fans in the world and we're glad they're doing okay. as far as the crash goes, no, that's out of your mind. we know what this place is. as a race car driver, you know what you're in for, you signed up for this. we're ready to race today. >> there's a new car, once in a while any make adjustments. how do you think it will affect the race? >> there's a lot of unknowns. the other two races this week, they have not been 43 car fields. that changes things dramatically. we're excited about the new jen 6 toyota camry. we've had a good week down here, up in the front of all the races we've been in. we haven't been in the right position at the end yet. hopefully today we'll do that. we have got a great car.
6:36 am
>> you're a two-time nationwide series winner. you've run this race eight times. what is it going to take? >> you have to get to the end. today's going to be a wild race. get to the end and put yourself in the right position. i want to be leading at the end. i think we've got the car to do it. >> do you think danica has a chance? >> not really. you know, well, it's her first 500. this race is a crazy race. it gets crazy at times. it's really long and it's one of those deals where you got to have a lot of friends. guys got to have confidence in your ability. i think she can have a good day. i don't think she's going to win it, but it's her first one. hopefully she'll have a good day. it's a big deal for her and the sport. it's great. i'm sure she'll have a good day if she can stay in one piece. >> we haven't talked about it much but there's scattered showers today, maybe a
6:37 am
thunderstorm. does that doing in to your preparation? >> not really. it gives nascar the chance to try out the track drying system. it dries the track really fast. i'm sure they'll test that at some point today but i think we're clear. everybody says we'll get the race in today. >> perfect. thank you very much. stay safe. thank you. overnight, pope benedict has given his final sunday blessing at the vatican, speaking from his apartment window he told thousands in st. peter's square he'll continue to serve in a different way. this was his second to last public appearance at pope. the final appearance will be wednesday and he steps down on thursday. the first pope to resign in 600 years. >> a 21-year-old texas man shoots and kills an intruder. he answered the door of his home thinking the intruders were his
6:38 am
son's friends. one of the men pulled a gun. the 21-year-old ran to his bedroom to get his dad's gun. >> my son, when he started approaching me, closer and closer, my son, he shot him. >> well, that intruder died at the scene. the other two were caught by police as they tried to flee. no charges are expected against the homeowner's son. fired for warning police about a drunk driver. that happened to one bartender in ohio. twyla devito showed up for work and one of the customers was extremely drunk. when she saw him get behind the wheel she called police. they pulled him over and his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. she was fired because her boss said her decision was bad for business. a body guard is keeping 24-hour watch over kate upton's
6:39 am
crews. the sports illustrated cover girl reportedly hired the full time detail to go everywhere where her after she landed on the front of the swimsuit issue for the second year in a row, making her only the fifth model to have back-to-back covers. >> do you have a detail like that? >> i have a staff that travels with me, as you can see. i don't know if they're protecting me. >> removing the green m&m's from your bowl. >> i'm j. lo. >> john in audio follows you around. maybe we need to do a criminal background check on him. that's what you'll have to do if you follow the equal unemployment opportunity commission's new standard by which they say from the obama administration, that when you are looking at applicants for particular jobs, you need to make sure you don't discredited an applicant because of his or her criminal background, former convictions. that's discriminatory to decide
6:40 am
to give weight to someone who hadn't been convicted of a felony over one who had. all the time, the energy, legal threats, might be better used to convince people not to commit crimes. i'm struck by community leaders never turning to say to people don't commit violent crimes. >> prevention. crime, education, healthcare, we treat the symptoms afford aftereffects before we treat the -- >> the other thing about the mandate, or suggestion, a strong suggestion for the employment commission, is that they're saying don't do -- they're telling employers don't do such thorough back ground checks. they don't want you to because it would reveal the criminal had a criminal -- i should say ex felon had a criminal background
6:41 am
where as there's a huge push for more background checks for people who with an to own guns. i believe the two will work at cross purposes. >> it's a threat. it's absolutely a threat. when the federal government issues a guideline like this, they're saying you want to stay out of court? you don't want us to crush you or the civil rights decision staking out your business? follow our commands. employers do. >> and businesses say this is confusing. we don't understand the new standards because our saying one thing and then on the other hand you're saying another. let us know what you're thinking about this. find us on twitter. remember the bell, california mayor fired for paying himself six figures when the town was broke? he says it's not his fault, he's illiterate. plus, what one famous director has never won an oscar
6:42 am
for best directing. we've got three minutes to sharpen up on oscar trivia because kevin mccarty is back to give us a academy award quiz. >> i didn't know this was black tie. >> get your pencils and paper at home to play along with i say. [ woman ] we had two tiny reasons
6:43 am
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isn't your family worth america's number-one security company, adt? our girls got us thinki, but the break-in got us calling. and after buying two of everything, it was nice to only need one security system -- adt. [ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99. and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. listen to this. bottled water company pole land springs is warning the 3 to 5-gallon bottles may be contaminated with gasoline. the company says after hurricane sandy, people used the bottles to transport gas and some bottles may have been recycled and put back on store shelves. look at this reunion. tiger woods and elin. they showed up at a youth sports event in florida.
6:46 am
they seemed to enjoy each other's company. the family left together when they started to attract attention. former belle city, california mayor oscar hernandez claims his lack of education he didn't know his inflated salary was illegal. he faces charges of misappropriating funds of $5.5 million and could face up to 20 years behind bars. dale walker is a resident and cofounder of the belle association to stop the abuse in that town. nice to see glue nice to see you too. the latest news is former mayor, oscar hernandez, basically claiming i don't know -- i couldn't read the information, therefore that's my defense. i couldn't read, i'm i will -- illiterate and didn't know what
6:47 am
was in the contract. is that accurate?f course not. i sat in on city council meetings where he was reading. so it's like wait a minute, you're saying when we saw you reading and writing, you're claiming you're illiterate. what statements are you sending to us? >> his attorney says this, defending his client, he says many prominent lawyers and accountants are paid to review the laws and salaries of bell and never say the laws or salaries were illegal. if the experts didn't know, how could mr. hernandez know about it. what do you say to that? >> first and foremost, oscar hernandez was elected into the council to represent the community, to fight for us for better jobs, for businesses, and to really look for the best for -- for our best interests. for them to say, well, this
6:48 am
person didn't know, it's your responsibility as a mayor to ensure that you find out. you need to find out what is and isn't appropriate. and if it doesn't seem right, maybe you need to get new people in. that's your job. that's your job, to find out -- to look for appropriate attorneys, to look for a city manager that's going to work for the community and is not going to inflate their own salaries. 780 -- over $780,000 for a city attorney should tell you, wait a minute, no other places are earning this much, not even new york or los angeles. this is wrong. >> his attorney went on to defend him in other ways. the lawyer basically is defending him saying this is a great success story. he was an agriculture ral worker. he can't read, he's not meant to
6:49 am
be scholarly. this is a great story. >> as a resident of belle, as someone who sat in on city council meetings. they also said he supposedly would listen to the people and he had listening ear. well, i'm here to tell you that that's all false. i don't know about all false but it was false when i went to council meetings and spoke to the mayor and requested for certain things. it went in -- you could see it went in one ear and out the other. he schooled us on why the decisions he was making were appropriate and why we were wrong. so for them to say he listened and he was such a great man, it's like i think -- i can't -- he probably started out that way. i'm not saying he's an evil person. but at the same time, he -- it turned into something big, into a monster. it was a monster that --
6:50 am
>> got away from him. >> absolutely. >> dale walker, great reporting. keep up the work you're doing to stop the abuse. we appreciate you joining us and keeping us up to sedate. >> date. >> the oscars just a few hours away now. so just how much do we know about hollywood's biggest night? kevin mccarthy is giving us the oscar quiz. you better not be getting the questions ahead of time. >> nope. >> grab your paper and pencils and play along. [ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year.
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6:53 am
famous kisses, wild acceptance speeches. how well do you know your oscar
6:54 am
history? back to test our oscar iq is movie critic, kevin mccarthy. >> i'm excited. >> i bought this bow tie last night. i hope it looks okay. >> you never would know it's a clipon. >> it's definitely a clipon. >> we'll try to get to a couple questions. play along to see which one wins and you can play to see who wins at home. question no. one. >> this is awesome. which actor listed here has never won an academy award for best actor. a, gary oldman, b, nicolas cage, or c, tommy lee jones. >> who are you saying? >> gary oldman. >> the answer is a. gary oldeman. he was nominated one time for -- >> keep track at home. >> he's the most diverse and best actor today. we have commissioner gordon from the professionals. look at his acting skills.
6:55 am
>> bring me everyone. >> what do you mean everyone? >> everyone! >> the fifth element, true romance. harry potter. one of the best today handsdown. >> and intense man. >> question no. 2, which famous director listed here never won an academy award for best director. is it a, james cameron, b, martin scorsese, or c, alfred hitchcock. >> i don't know. >> you two got it right. clayton and allison. >> oh come on. >> alfred hitchcock, the most famous director in the world. >> nominated five times. >> what does that say about the oscars? >> exactly. he created the greatest shot ever. the vertigo shot. you zoom in and pull it back at the same time creating an insane vertigo effect. right there, see that? it pulls out and zooms in.
6:56 am
love that shot so much. >> question no. 3, can tucker redeem himself. >> what is the highest grossing film that has never won best picture. titanic, avatar or load of the rings, return of the king. >> easiest question. >> that's easy? >> i'm guessing -- >> don't look at mine. put yours up. >> i'm going to guess the obvious one, titanic. >> nope, avatar, $2.7 billion worldwide and lost to the hurt locker. >> you wanted me to go first. >> you know your stuff. fourth question, true or false, a for true, b for false. no actor or actress has ever won an academy award for a period in a steven spielberg film. a, true, or b, false. >> did you say actress? >> actor or actress. never won an academy award for appearing in a steven spielberg
6:57 am
film. >> that cannot be true. >> it's true. >> come on. >> you can't stop me. >> lehman nissan lost to tom hanks in philadelphia. lost to roberto about banini. >> the fifth and final question. who is the most nominated individual in oscar history? a, meryl streep, b, duane the rod johnson, or c, walt disney. >> i want to go with duane the rock johnson because he's -- that's how he tricks us. i don't think that's possible. >> it's meryl streep. >> what? stop talking. >> clayton is like -- >> i'm not going with my instincts. >> clayton, you're right. walt disney. he's been nominated 59 times. he's also won 22 times.
6:58 am
>> i'm not a film buff. >> i want to thank the academy. >> clayton's the winner? i have a -- i have a gift for you. >> a naked man. >> thank you. >> great. [ applause ] is this edible? >> i wish. >> your name's not on it. we have to get your name engaged. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. >> thank you so much. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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